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Monroe County – first report

A single male SWD was reared from black raspberry fruit collected from a farm in Monroe County on July 22, 2013 by Debbie Breth, Lake Ontario Fruit Program, Cornell Cooperative Extension. Traps collected this week are currently being processed, though traps set at this farm location have not yet caught SWD. Raspberries are very susceptible to SWD infestation. Oviposition can be identified, with a hand lens, magnifying glass, or microscope, by finding the tiny, white breathing tubes on the fruit surface that are attached to the eggs laid under the fruit skin.

Breathing tubes of SWD eggs as seen (red circles and inset) on blackberry fruit, magnified by a microscope. Faruque Zaman, Suffolk County Cornell Cooperative Extension, found heavy SWD oviposition on blackberry fruit (>50% of fruit examined) collected on Long Island the week of July 15.

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