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Field Crops

Technical Publications

ATTRA Fact Sheets on Organic Grain Production for Organic Dairies

Organic crop overview by ATTRA

Basic grain storage by Mary-Howell & Klaas Martens

Making Hay by Mary-Howell & Klaas Martens

Organic Field Corn (pdf) by ATTRA

Organic Small Grain by ATTRA

Organic Soybean by ATTRA

Pasture Activity Log Use this spreadsheet to help keep your own grazing records

The Breakdown of Hay Preservatives and Additives by Manitoba

Transitioning to Organic, and Organic Certification

Organic Farm Certification & the National Organic Program-Steps to Certification

Organic Field Crops Documentation Forms

Preparing for an Organic Inspection

Soil Amendments 

Alternative Soil Amendments by ATTRA

Manures for Organic Production_Soil Systems Guide by ATTRA

Overview of Cover Crops and Green Manures by ATTRA

Manure nutrient credits spreadsheet (Excel) by Albrecht, Ketterings, Czymmeck

Weed Management

Cultivation by Mary-Howell & Klaas Martens

Ecological Weed Control by Gary Zimmer

Flame Weeding by ATTRA

The Art of Crop Rotation by Mary-Howell & Klaas Martens

Business Tools

Cornell Account Book  (Excel) by Cornell AEM

Grain and forage value comparison (Excel)

Organic transition spreadsheet (Excel) by CU Farm Link, Jim Grace

Machinery Custom Rates, PA (2007) (pdf) by NASS

Marketing organic grains (pdf) by ATTRA

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