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NYCO 2019 Events

NYCO 2019 will be held on:

January 8: Bedded Packs & Organic Crops

February 12: Understanding Soil Management and Cover Crops Role in Providing Good Growing Conditions for Your Crops

March 12: Understanding the Cultural Environment of Weed Management from Cornell’s Pioneer Weed Scientist & Farmer Panel on High Speed Tillage Disks

NYODP Collaboration Results in Two Scientific Publications

The New York Organic Dairy Program (NYODP) collaborated with researchers from four other Northeastern States on a five year USDA OREI Grant. The project ended in 2016 and the work has resulted in two research papers recently published in the “Journal of Dairy Science”. The papers describe work done on organic dairy farms from each of the five states including one farm from Tompkins County, NY and another from Cortland County, NY. Our research team was interested in the quality of pasture during the grazing season on these farms as well as the feeding of flax meal to dairy cows during the winter months. The first paper describes how the quality and quantity of the pasture leads to higher Omega-3 in the milk. The second paper describes an experiment in which the herds were divided in two groups with one half receiving a ration balanced with corn and soybeans and the other half ration balanced with flax meal. The milk from each group was then tested for the types and amount of the two fatty acids.

Links to both papers can be found below:

2018 Cornell Organic Symposium

On April 27th we were part of Cornell’s first Organic Symposium. We were joined by Cornell students and faculty, industry representatives, and fellow extension educators for an afternoon full of presentations and breakout sessions. You can see a few picture of the event here.


Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Success Story

Western New York Dairy Farmers Kim Shaklee and Janice Brown make the news with their successful Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship match. Kim and Janice are Master Graizers, and they are working hard with their Apprentice, Travis Belmore and preparing Lauren La Mar for an official Apprenticeship. Check out the American Agriculturalist story here.

Organic Dairy Market Update

Check out the Biweekly Organic Dairy Report from the USDA.

Young (New York) couple defies dairy startup odds via organic route

Ryan Murray and Annie Grant farm 150 acres in Truxton, New York. Recently, American Agriculturalist shared a great story about them. Read the article online.

New York Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship Update

Our newest program, Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship, has been very popular in the news!

Check out the story on News Channel 2 here.

Follow the link to an article published by Watertown Daily Times. Or, check out this version on the National Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship website.

Here we are on News Channel 7.

New York DGA made an appearance on Spectrum News, which can be seen here.

More information on the program can be found on the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship website. If you have questions about the program in New York, please reach out to Fay Benson, New York Education Coordinator, at (607) 391-2660 or

New York Certified Organic Meeting on Morning Ag Clips

Check us out on Morning Ag Clips!

North Country Pasture Walks

July 26 @Scott Sawyer Dairy, Boonville 11am-2pm w/ National Grazinglands Soil Health Trailer

July 26 @ Herrdale/Larry Herr Beef Farm, Lowville 6pm-8:30pm w/ National Grazinglands Soil Health Trailer

July 27 @ TBA (grazing dairy) 11am-2pm w/ National Grazinglands Soil Health Trailer

In Case You Missed It:

Had a great time at Thursday’s pasture walk in Nelson. Thanks to Troy Bishopp The grass whisperer and Daniel Hudson for making it happen and to all those who made it out! Fay with Sod Fay with Trailer - On Pasture Shirt

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