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Extension Project Websites and Program Involvement

  • Vegetable MD Online
    News articles and factsheets prepared for vegetable growers are posted here.
    Samples are submitted when late blight is found in tomato and potato on Long Island to assist with tracking this important disease and the genotypes of the causal pathogen. Web content has been prepared for this web site. The Cornell Decision Support System (DSS) has been investigated. During the summer, news articles are routinely written for the Suffolk County weekly agricultural update to inform Long Island growers about late blight occurrence in the U.S. and fungicide application recommendations from the DSS.
  • Cucurbit Downy Mildew Forecast
    Sentinel plots are maintained at LIHREC to obtain information on downy mildew occurrence in the different cucurbit crop types. When found a report is logged. Long Island growers are kept up-to-date with information from the site about new occurrences of downy mildew in the U.S. and the forecasted risk for Long Island through articles in the Suffolk County weekly agricultural update.


On-line Trade Publication articles

USAblight late blight map

Note: Not all states/regions currently report late blight to the USAblight web site.

NEWA Tomato And Potato Disease Forecasts

For late blight and early blight, and also Septoria leaf spot and anthracnose in tomato. Access them under Pest Forecasts in the menu bar. Fill in requested information to obtain a crop-specific forecast.

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