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Meg McGrath

Meg McGrath

Vegetable Pathology Research and Extension Program objectives:

  • Optimize management of diseases affecting vegetables grown on Long Island within organic as well as conventional production systems by:
    1. Investigating pathogen biology, including sources.
    2. Developing scouting protocols and action thresholds.
    3. Evaluating control practices, including fungicides, resistant varieties, integration of chemical and genetic control, and biofumigation.
  • Examine impact on diseases of practices to improve soil health: annual compost amendments, reduced tillage, and clover living mulch.
  • Diagnose disease problems for growers.
  • Determine impact of ambient ozone on plant productivity.

Meg McGrathQuestions? Contact:

Margaret McGrath
Associate Professor
Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology Section
School of Integrative Plant Science
Cornell University
Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center
Riverhead, NY 11901-1098
(631) 727-3595

Collin Downing

McGrath Lab technician Collin Downing

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