Peter J. Jentsch

Peter Jentsch serves the Hudson Valley tree fruit, grape and vegetable growers as a Senior Extension Associate with Cornell AgriTech in the Department of Entomology and Director of the Hudson Valley Research Laboratory located in Highland, NY.

His research and extension responsibilities utilize grant based program funding to provide regional farmers with relevant and timely pest management information on the insect complex. He has been working with Hudson Valley agricultural producers for over 30 years.

His research lab and technical support team presently focuses on yearly insecticide efficacy screening studies of new and alternative tools for insect control on the laboratory’s 20-acre research orchard. Trial results provide growers with decision making information for use in commercial fruit and vegetable production. Further studies include invasive insect monitoring, mapping and management, development of sustainable Ag. production systems employing biological control, mating disruption and attract and kill systems. His lab also works with citizen scientists to monitor Ag. urban interface for brown marmorated stink bug populations impacting the commercial Ag. production system throughout the state.

Monitoring the Invasive BMSB using black light trapping.

2017 Jentsch CV

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