Scouting Report

Over the years we have conducted insect pest trapping at the Hudson Valley Laboratory experimental research orchard. Traps are checked at weekly intervals with key pests checked daily for degree-day predictive modeling forecasting. Use the reports to view past year occurrence of insect pests relative to date and tree phenology to aid in determining approximate dates for pheromone trap placement in the Mid-Hudson Valley. Traps should be placed two weeks earlier then the actual emergence date, especially in the lower Hudson Valley relative to the Highland reporting date. Sustained trap capture, used for applying insect development modeling for timing insecticide applications, refers to a consistent number of insects in traps after first emergence.

Entomology Scouting Reports / Weekly trap update:


Apple maggot trapping using baited red spheres.
1st generation codling moth larva and fruit injury with seed feeding.
Exudate from Dogwood Borer on trunk of M26 apple. A sign of active DWB feeding.
Monitoring for Grape Berry Moth in Seyval blanc, a hybrid wine grape.

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