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Game Theory and Public School Applications: A necessary edge

Often, the transition from middle school to high school for many New York City students is filled with fret of where they will end up in the five borough system. Nearly 750000 students are placed in one of 426 New York City high schools. The antiquated former matching system was strenuous as students would list […]

How Google AdWorks Works May Surprise You!! This link leads to the explanatory page of Google’s AdWords, Google’s hub for advertisers. AdWords is an easy way to manage one’s advertising accounts, manage account budgets, and see account statistics. Google is a major hub for advertisers as it is a major search engine as well as the parent company for YouTube and […]

Russian-funded Facebook ads and auctions In this article, the author talked about the Russian money backed advertisement and the influence on the presidential election. While in class, we generalized the prices to be based on the location of the slots on a page; the higher the slot the higher the price, and vice versa. We didn’t distinguish among different […]

Game Theory Application in Network Security This academic paper gives a comprehensive survey of research on security and privacy in computer and communication networks that use game-theoretic approaches. Six main categories are discussed: security of the physical and MAC layers, security of self-organizing networks, intrusion detection systems, anonymity and privacy, economics of network security, and cryptography. Of the six […]

Flaws in Auction Format of the Indian Premier League (IPL)

Source: The Indian Premier League (IPL) is cricket’s premier domestic T20 league, which started in 2008. Played in India across a 2 month period, it has captured the imagination of the public, bringing new fans to the game in a franchise based system inspired by the NFL and EPL. Every three years, international players are […]

Another use for VCG

The FCC is in charge of distributing frequencies for any TV, or phone company, and the created the “Incentive Auction” to redistributed the frequencies which media companies (both TV and Phone) owned. Previously the frequencies were distributed to companies who wanted them if there was a chunk big enough for their needs at the time […]

Russia’s Facebook ads show how Internet microtargeting can be weaponized

With the advent of social media networks like Facebook, the art of advertisement has transformed substantially. Large social media networks are able to collect personal information from each of their users, then sell the information to advertisers so that they can target specific groups differently. This is known as microtargeting. However, recent revelations about Russian […]

An introduction to dark web – on the “sides of bow-tie”

Source: Deep web and dark web are different. Deep web refers to anything you can’t access in a search engine, either because it’s protected behind a password or because it’s buried deep within a regular website. The dark web is a subsection of the deep web that you can only access with a special browser […]

Information Cascades and Going “Viral” on the Internet

In a recent article from Time, author Derek Thompson discusses both the intuition and some of the data behind viral media in the 21st century. The article, titled “Why It’s a Lot Harder to ‘Go Viral’ on the Internet Than You Think,” provides an interesting analysis of the factors that go into a post going […]

Google vs Bing: How to Get a Higher PageRank

Different search engines actually determine their website ranking values differently enough that if you’re investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your website, you need to consider the differences. In the global market, Google holds 80% of the market share and Bing + Yahoo (Yahoo is powered by Bing) holds 12%, so just optimizing for […]

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