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Ranking in the Scientific Research Network Recently, we have heavily discussed the internet network and specific methods of ranking web pages to establish power or “authority” hierarchies in the internet. As I listened in class, I realized that these discussions bared remarkable similarities to the scientific research publication network and the systems in place for ranking researchers. On the Internet, […]

The Life of Kanye: Power in the Hip-Hop Industry and American Pop Culture

Article: Kanye West is a polarizing figure in the hip-hop scene. His musical ability is unquestionable: each of his 8 studio albums have gone platinum, earning him a total of 21 Grammy Awards However, critics argue that his arrogant and often rude persona projects an image of narcissism. In analyzing West’s success as a […]

The United Airlines Fiasco: How Game Theory Could Help

In a recent controversy regarding the situation with United Airlines and an Asian man being dragged off, many researchers and theorists have agreed to the idea that the idea of game theory could help in preventing future situations similar to this one. Professor Joshua Gans of the strategic management at the University of Toronto stated, […]

The power dynamic of the NFL and the NFLPA The head of the National Football League Players Association, DeMaurice Smith, announced recently that a player initiated work-stoppage is a “virtual certainty” when their acting collective bargaining agreement with the NFL expires in 2021. USA Today reports that the union’s desire to strike stems from, what they believe as, an unequal revenue share between […]

Ebay, Second Price Auctions, and Last Minute Strategies

Brian Chen NetID: bc596   Ebay’s live online auction events follow the guidelines of a second price auction. In a second price auction, the winning bid does not pay his or her bid but the second highest bid in the auction. This is different from a first price auction where the winning bid pays the […]

Online Dating is Changing the Global Social Network

Online dating isn’t a new invention, but its usage has risen dramatically in recent years and become a social norm. However, studying its long-term effects on society and social networks is relatively new, and evidence from sources like MIT Technology Review has been finding that online dating is adding brand-new, traditionally atypical, strong edges in the global […]

Shifts in Standards for SEO

Search engines have been utilized worldwide to find webpage content. Objectively, one of the most popular search engines is Google. In order to provide users the best experience when looking for specific content, Google used to publicly use an algorithm called PageRank to provide pages that held the most importance. We talked about how PageRank […]

Google Bombs: How Page Popularity Is Manipulated

In 2003, a group of pranksters decided to Google the term “miserable failure” and repeatedly click on links relating to George W. Bush so that any time people Googled this term, Bush’s pages were the first ones to show up because they were the most popular. This act of messing with Google’s algorithm is named […]

Google’s Top Stories Feature vs. PageRank This article is incredibly interesting because it discusses Google’s search algorithms and the effectiveness behind some of the decisions Google has recently made related to its search feature. The article focuses on Google’s Top Stories feature, and discusses a flaw with the algorithm behind this feature which caused 2 4chan Threads, which identified the […]

SEO Strategy: A Forward Look at Website Traffic Strategy

This article looks into search engine optimization (SEO) and the current state of this growing and changing industry. Search engine optimization, also referred to as SEO, is a methodology of strategies used to increase the amount of views a webpage gets by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results place of a search engine. […]

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