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‘How Google Works’ Book Review The book review written by Brad Stone published in the New York Times of How Google Works by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg notes that the book itself gives little insight into the way Google works, and that it was just plain “ingenuous” at times. I myself read the article to particularly consider how the search […]

Real World Tragedy of the Commons

Chapter 24 introduces us to a concept called “The Tragedy of the Commons”. This concept is essentially the idea that when individuals act independently and rationally according to each’s own self-interest, these actions are contrary to the best interests of the group as a whole by depleting some common resource. The textbook explains to us […]

Yahoo Messenger will fail due to Network Effects

Yahoo has released an app on the iOS and Android titled Yahoo Messenger. This app is your typical messaging app that has a lot of features. These features include group chats, availability status, and weird screen names. Where the app differs from other messaging apps is that you can download photos that are sent you […]

Sometimes Mold Knows More About Networks Than Humans

Article: Many advanced network problems that some of the world’s top engineers works on, such as developing the paths for the highways across the US or the UK, or deciding where to build the railways in Tokyo, consume thousands of hours of time. It turns out that brainless slime mold is able to replicate remarkably […]

The war on cholera

Although there is a lot of fighting and war going on in the Middle East, the biggest threat and danger may actually be caused by something that is too small for the human eye to even see.  The bacterium Vibrio cholera can cause an acute diarrheal disease known as cholera, which can kill within hours […]

Informational and network effects in the Lyft vs Uber battle

The long-standing battle between Lyft and Uber has a lot to do with controlling a market where both informational and network effects are very prevalent. But the informational and network effects have different effects in this case. See, both Lyft and Uber have two distinct customers, their drivers and their clients. In order to succeed, […]

How does PrEP affect AIDS epidemic?

There is a drug called PrEP that is being used by people to prevent HIV, the virus for causing the deadly AIDS epidemic. PrEP has a high success rate in preventing HIV infections at over ninety percent. However this drug is not as popular as condom, the most common way to prevent sexually transmitted infections. […]

Is Branded Content Best Produced By Amateurs?

This Halloween saw Instagram’s new video channel which created a real of user-generated content relative to the holiday. The content ranges from funny to clever and even had cases of beautiful artwork. As advertising moves forward, can similar ideas be replicated to in essence, look to the viewers themselves to generate their entertainment instead of […]

Facebook: Rumor Police

Facebook: Rumor Police In the age of endless scrolling on sites such as Facebook and Reddit, a lot of information is thrown at the user and not all of it ends up being true.  What’s worse, is that such false information is pervasive and has potential to spread throughout a user base fairly quickly. (And […]

The Rich Get Richer and Information Cascades in College Athletics

Often times in the world of competitive college sports, a small group of several teams seem to dominate the competition no matter the change in personnel experienced in the team. Although several small teams may rise to have a single great season, this success is often a one-year phenomena that is difficult to reproduce in […]

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