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Can We Use Bayes Theorem in Predicting Bomb Threats? Most of us are familiar with Bayes Theorem.  It’s a theorem that states that the probability of any event is based on the likelihood of conditions relating to the original event.  Mathematically stated Bayes Theorem appears as the following equation: Where P(A) and P(B) are the probabilities of two separate but related events.  P(B|A) […]

Tech Giants & The Rich-Get-Richer Effect

In this article by Seeking Alpha, a website that covers the latest in financial news, the authors describe how despite the beliefs of some, cloud software services are only gaining in popularity as time goes on. Because of this, there is a literal “rich-get-richer” effect – that is, companies that are already at the forefront […]

Use of Bayes’ Theorem in Epidemiology

Bayes’ theorem is arguably one of the most powerful and simple probabilistic equations that can be easily used in day to day life. Notably, it can overturn intuitive thoughts by revealing the actual probabilities behind seemingly easy problems. For example: Say a patient is being tested by a doctor. The doctor has a test for […]

Social Media Redefining the Marketing Tipping Point

We all know how powerful social media is. It connects everyone globally, giving people means to stay connected with people they might have never talked to again 20 years ago. It gives an ordinary person voice and power with ability of their online presence to go viral. It’s revolutionized the way ideas are communicated and […]

Fallout 4 and Networks

With the most recent release of Fallout 4 by Bethesda Game Studios, it seems that the internet and media has exploded over this hyped-game. The previous Fallout games were released years in advanced and were renowned for its great game-play. However, upon closer inspection, we can actually see the effects of networks coming into play […]

Established Territory: Apple Takes On Venmo

According to recent news Apple is beginning talks with banks to create with a P2P payment service, potentially one that will be hosted in their ever popular iMessage app. Venmo is the undeniable reigning king of P2P payments, and for Apple to invest in a service that is already so well-established indicates that the company either has a […]

Advertising to those who hate advertising

In the past few years, I have heard the word “hipster” a lot, and although I gradually picked up on the general vibe of the word, a real definition always eluded me. Thus, seeking to end this state of ignorance, I was recently found on Wikipedia reading the entry for “Hipster (contemporary subculture)”. The hipster […]

Rich get Richer: Income Inequality

The wealth gap in America has become a pressing issue, drawing attention from both politicians and economists, but it is only getting worse as we debate over which solution to implement. One major cause to consider is the higher investment returns of the wealthy. The article focuses not on the income equality established by the […]

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