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Modeling Cancer

According to scientists, the way that tumors spread to the rest of the body can be represented in a mathematical model as a network. The size of the spreading cancer to other parts of the body, and where the spread occurs is based on the sizes and recurrence. Although rate of spread typically is hard […]

Information Cascades in Facebook RSVPs

We learned in class the concept of information cascade and the idea of the majority. We learned this in relation to the restaurant example where a person has to choose between a restaurant he/she found online or the restaurant with many people already in it. There are definite differences between the two meaning that there […]

Cyber Monday and Viruses

Cyber Monday is a great time for cyber-attackers! During the holiday season, this works best because people are looking for best deals on items.  During this time, attackers send out spam emails that prompt people to click on a link that carries a virus! According to the article, many times attackers either will send thousands of […]

Rich Get Richer – Hotel Edition

Recently the large hotel chain Marriott acquired the smaller group of hotels known as Starwood. Before this merger, each chain specialized to its niche of travelers. Marriott catered to frequent travelers looking for a go-to hotel in one of its many locations. Starwood had a group of travelers who traveled to the chain’s destination locations […]

Information Cascade in Nature   It is mostly always beneficial when we notice a pattern in nature that we also observe among humans. This can lead us to extra insight as to how different animals reason and make decisions. In the linked article, the mob mentality of locusts is studied; the findings presented in the article are that […]

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