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Social Media Redefining the Marketing Tipping Point

We all know how powerful social media is. It connects everyone globally, giving people means to stay connected with people they might have never talked to again 20 years ago. It gives an ordinary person voice and power with ability of their online presence to go viral. It’s revolutionized the way ideas are communicated and trends are created. Whether for good or bad, social media has truly connected the world and made people feel closer and more connected than ever before.

However, it seems like social media is┬ádoing more than just connecting people and sharing ideas. Social media is also changing the way people do business entirely. Until the introduction of social media, marketing has been done with “brute force.” Businesses spent millions of dollars on advertising, billboards, interviews, and merchandising in the hopes that something will click and the product will catch fire. For example, “Lady Gaga┬áhyped her latest album by spending millions on bus advertising, billboards, 2 pop up stores and performed countless interviews.” From all of her team’s hard work, she was able to sell 305,000 copies in 2 weeks. In comparison, Beyonce posted 1 photo of her album with “Surprise” as her caption on her Instagram account with 8 million followers. She launched the album on iTunes. She used no other advertising. All she used was Instagram and a means for her fans to buy her music. The result? She sold 828,773 copies in 3 days and it was iTunes fastest selling album worldwide. Her album wasn’t even cheap; it was $15.99.

Social media is completely changing the way that businesses are marketing their products. No longer do people have to spend millions of dollars to pass that mysterious tipping point. Like Beyonce, you can easily pass the tipping point for free, with just 1 photo upload on Instagram. The tipping point that marketing teams used to work so hard to pass isn’t so insurmountable anymore. With just a little bit of luck and a widespread online presence, people can now make millions of dollars for very, very little money. Good-bye to the previously intimidating tipping point!


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