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Disease Spread through Contagion The movie Contagion very accurately depicts the way that diseases spread and how they can affect the population. Within the movie, one character becomes infected and we see that the virus spreads through multiple types of interactions. The way that the character travels by going across continents has a huge effect to the depth […]

A Cascade of Influences Shaping Violent Teens

Information cascade is an important concept in our life, it plays significant role in a broad range of branches and applications. Information cascades can be observed in a variety of areas, including financial crisis, marketing and politics, ect. People’s own decisions and behaviors could possibly be influenced by others’ decisions. Nonetheless, the cascades of information […]

In light of the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, social media was inundated with grief, as people from across the globe expressed their concern for France and its victims. However, social media was also responsible for misinformation, some of which could have ruined lives. The chain of misinformation is an example of the […]

How do networks shape the spread of disease and gossip? This article talks about a new way in which researchers are studying the spread of disease and gossip. The initial assumption was similar to what we examined in class, and the article explained that simple waves were used to understand spreading contagion. Instead of examining only the spatial spread through waves, researchers in London […]

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