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The power of Swiss Cheese

Link to Primary Source (Ronald S. Burt, Structural holes: The social structure of competition): In his famous article titled “The Strength of Weak Ties”, Mark Granovetter illustrated that weak ties are more useful than strong ties for accessing new information. The people we have weak ties with are more likely to know a completely different […]

Superstar CEOs

from: The company HP can be described as “a scrappy start-up that grew into a high-tech powerhouse thanks to relentless innovation and solid management principles” (par 2), but now, according to the article, the company’s success is starting to slip. Several chief executives of HP have already left since 1999, and in some cases, […]


The financial markets lay the grounds for an enormous game board of essentially an infinite number of strategies and an apparent risk-free opportunity to win, as the Eintsteins of Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and AIG so clearly saw before the Financial Crisis of 2008.  Of course, all games have risk involved, and the game of […]

A game theory analysis of women’s shaven legs The answer to the question posed in the link above describes why the majority of women around the world shave their legs and armpits. As a guy, although I love the way beautifully shaven girl-legs look, I can’t understand why they go through the gruel of it. When I asked a few girls about […]

Groupware Games and Prisoner’s Dilemma

Game theory analysis can be useful in examining how people use groupware. Groupware is computer software designed to help people work together to achieve common goals. Examples include Facebook, email, electronic calendars, and google docs. Each of these systems require users to put in an a certain amount of work (post updates/photos/comments, write emails, update […]

Networks and “Moneyball”

With the end of the baseball season nearing and the opening of the critically acclaimed movie, Moneyball, one can see just how relevant networks, value, and power are in creating a winning baseball team. The movie is based off of a book that analyzes how Billy Beane, the general manager of the Oakland Athletics, created […]

Facebook become a subject of social network research A team of researchers from Harvard and the University of California, Los Angeles, are monitoring the Facebook profiles of an entire class of students at a college to study how personal tastes and habits affect the social relationships, vice versa. Although it might be controversial due to privacy concerns, Facebook’s network of 58 million […]

Do Rich Nations Owe Poor Ones a Climate Debt

With technological developments, scientists can now clearly observe climate change and dangers of climate change have been observed globally. Many developing countries are criticized for their carbon emissions, which cause climate change. Climate change is a global issue that involves many countries, and it is hard to reach a consensus to prevent it. We hope […]

Regarding the U.S., Palestine, and Israel – No favorable outcome in sight

During the most recent round of United Nations discussions, a critical issue was Palestine’s desire for independent statehood. The state informed the U.N. that they would be applying for full membership to the U.N., a gesture which was met with contempt and anger by the Israeli government, which has long been embroiled in conflict with Palestine. […]

The Game of Hydrofracking

The heated debate over hydrofracking between environmentalists and industrialists has continued and will continue until a consensus or compromise can be made between both groups. Hydrofracking is the process of pressure-drilling a mix of water, sand and chemicals more than a mile vertically and horizontally into the earth to extract natural gas from the ground. […]

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