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Can Facebook Be Stopped? Network Effects and Social Networking

Article from [] When Google+ launched in late June, many of the more tech-savvy individuals declared the end of Facebook was imminent. Hailed as the next “it” thing, people on the internet fought desperately for an invite; eager to join the elite pioneers blazing the way to social networking 2.0. I personally was one of […]

The game of climate talks Negotiating climate agreements has long been a controversial issue. Rich countries, like America, Canada and Russia, do not want to sign any type of agreement and want the poor to bear the costs of climate change. These countries are continually releasing emissions as poor countries are spending billions going green. A group of scientists […]

Evolutionary Game Theory In this video interview, biologist John Maynard Smith introduces the concept of applying ideas and notations from Classical Game Theory to the evolution of populations. Classical Game Theory considers the possible outcomes of contest situations in which each of the participants plays a certain strategy. The payoffs to each contestant depend on his/her strategy […]

+1: A look at the Game Theory Behind the Social Networking Arms Race After its inception seven years ago, Facebook has finally come up against a social networking site whose rise may threaten its user consumption. Within just a few weeks of its release, Google+ reached 10 million users. Although this may not seem like much compared to Facebook’s 750 million users, the rapid rise of Google+ […]

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