Youth Projects for 4-H and Families

Here’s a listing of projects that you may have seen on our Facebook page!

Making a Grow Box
Making a Tool Box
Judging Dairy Cattle – Giving Reasons
Juice Cup Sun Catchers
Animal Science Toolkit
Three Sister Garden
Tutorial: Singlet Style Shopping Bag with Pattern
VIDEO: No-Sew T-Shirt Bag
Dirt Shake
VIDEO: Focus on Capturing 4-H Memories
Food Scientist for a Day
Where Does It Grow
Quick-start Guide to Compost
VIDEO: Composting for Beginners
VIDEO: No Sew Bean Bags & Games
Ag Smarts
VIDEO: Paper Marbling
Horse Guts & Math
VIDEO: Gratitude Journals
Journal Making
Healthy Living Journal
Don’t Worry, Journal
VIDEO: Stomp Rockets
VIDEO: Water Bottle Rocket

Project Record: Keep track of your project(s) throughout the year, what you did, and how you can improve with this sheet.  Project Record Sheet

North Central 4-H District Presents ‘Loving Our Pets’:
Go here to register and see below for details.

NorthCentral 4-H District Presents Loving Our Pets


The NYS 4-H Mask Task gives back to your local community by sewing and donating a face mask and/or writing a note of gratitude to those in our community who are needing masks during this time!


4-H’ers are invited to express support for local community members who may need masks in light of the NYS guidance that everyone wear masks when going out in public due to COVID-19. Handmade masks and notes of gratitude will be collected at county Extension offices made available to those in need. Together, we can make a difference for our communities!


Now that wearing a mask is mandatory in New York to the COVID-19 pandemic, availability of masks is running low so we are inviting NYS 4-H’ers, volunteers, friends & family (anyone is welcome!) to step up and help fill the gap.


4-H Mask Task Banner








Other 4-H Resources & Projects:

Find out more about New York 4-H Shooting Sports

Browse 4-H Youth Development Resources

4-H Wood Science Leader Guide is a resource from Oregon State University Extension.  You can print out directions for building a picture frame, note holder, robin nest shelf, a foot stool, or bird house and many other projects!  There is also a 4-H wood science project record they can fill out for each wood project they make.

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