Laboratory and Mouse Housing Space

  • We have roughly 1100 sq,ft. of laboratory space in the Biotechnology Building and a separate ~200 sq.ft. sterile tissue culture room, microscope room, and 150 sq.ft. of office space. We also have access to a common equipment room to store our six -80C freezers, We have one entire mouse room in the Weill Barrier Mouse Facility (a connected building), with a capacity of four mouse racks (400 cages). Moreover, the facility offers us access to a second room, which is used for overflow and for surgery.

Core Facilities

  • Flow Cytometry (http://www.vet.cornell.edu/labs/cytometry/)
    • FACS Aria (facility) for cell sorting and cell cycle analyses is located in the Vet School on campus (10 min walk) and BD-LSRII (facility) provides a cell cytometer in the same location
  • Biotechnology Resource Center (http://www.biotech.cornell.edu/biotechnology-resource-center-brc)
    • Offers access to a state-of the art genomics center including microarray facility and Illumina sequencing, (hybridization oven, fluidics station, scanner, computer workstation), proteomics and mass spectroscopy, imaging, and bio-informatics.
  • Stem Cell and Transgenic Core Facility (http://transgenics.vertebrategenomics.cornell.edu/genome-editing.html)
    • Assists us in all of our mouse genetics projects which included generation of new transgenic mice by DNA injection in two-cell stage embryos and manipulation of embryonic stem cells.
  • Mouse facility (https://ras.research.cornell.edu/care/)
    • The staff is friendly, supportive, and understands the needs of our research projects, providing care to our animals and augmenting our research projects.