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Recent publications from the SIPS community – July 2, 2020

TBtools – an integrative toolkit developed for interactive analyses of big biological data

Chen, C., Chen, H., Zhang, Y., Thomas, H. R., Frank, M. H., He, Y., and Xia, R. Molecular plant.

Letter to the Editor of Metabolites

Hanson, M. R., and Germain, A. 2020. Metabolites 10:216.

Reinterpretation of Paleoazolla: a heterosporous water fern from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia, Argentina

De Benedetti, F., Zamaloa, M. d. C., Gandolfo, M. A., and Cúneo, N. R. 2020. American Journal of Botany n/a.

Exploring DNA Variant Segregation Types Enables Mapping Loci for Recessive Phenotypic Suppression of Columnar Growth in Apple

Dougherty, L., Bai, T., Brown, S., and Xu, K. 2020. . Frontiers in Plant Science 11.

Weed research status, challenges, and opportunities in China

Zhu, J., Wang, J., DiTommaso, A., Zhang, C., Zheng, G., Liang, W., Islam, F., Yang, C., Chen, X., and Zhou, W. 2020. . Crop Protection 134:104449.

Genotypic diversity in willow (Salix spp.) is associated with chemical and morphological polymorphism, suggesting human-assisted dissemination in the Eastern Mediterranean

Muklada, H., Davidovich-Rikanati, R., Wilkerson, D. G., Klein, J. D., Deutch-Traubman, T., Zou, J., Awabdeh, S., Sweidan, R., Landau, S. Y., Schwartz, A., Lewinsohn, E., and Smart, L. B. 2020. . Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 91:104081.

Appearance and diversity of Phytophthora infestans in Oman in 2013–2015

Al-Kaabi, S., Mayton, H., Al-Jabri, M., Al-Maqbali, R., Al-Shibli, W., Myers, K., Fry, W., and Al-Adawi, A. 2020. Journal of Plant Pathology.

BrAPI—an application programming interface for plant breeding applications.

BrAPI Consortium. 2019. Bioinformatics 35:4147-4155. (Robbins, Mueller)

Complete Genome Sequence of a Gram-Positive Bacterium, Leifsonia sp. Strain PS1209, a Potato Endophyte

Liu, Y., Ma, X., Helmann, T. C., McLane, H., Stodghill, P., Swingle, B., Filiatrault, M. J., and Perry, K. L. 2020. . Microbiology Resource Announcements 9:e00447-00420.

RNA aptamer capture of macromolecular complexes for mass spectrometry analysis

Ray, J., Kruse, A., Ozer, A., Kajitani, T., Johnson, R., MacCoss, M., Heck, M., and Lis, J. T. 2020. Nucleic Acids Research.

Rosa hybrida RhERF1 and RhERF4 mediate ethylene- and auxin-regulated petal abscission by influencing pectin degradation.

Gao, Y., Liu, Y., Liang, Y., Lu, J., Jiang, C., Fei, Z., Jiang, C.-Z., Ma, C., and Gao, J. 2019. The Plant Journal 99:1159-1171.

Review of varietal change in roots, tubers and bananas: consumer preferences and other drivers of adoption and implications for breeding

Thiele, G., Dufour, D., Vernier, P., Mwanga, R. O. M., Parker, M., Schulte Geldermann, E., Teeken, B., Wossen, T., Gotor, E., Kikulwe, E., Tufan, H., Sinelle, S., Kouakou, A. M., Friedmann, M., Polar, V., and Hershey, C. . International Journal of Food Science & Technology n/a.

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