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Recent publications from the SIPS community – July 9, 2020

Identification and characterization of Colletotrichum species causing apple bitter rot in New York and description of C. noveboracense sp. nov.

Khodadadi, F., González, J. B., Martin, P. L., Giroux, E., Bilodeau, G. J., Peter, K. A., Doyle, V. P., and Aćimović, S. G. 2020. Scientific Reports 10:11043.

A TAL effector-like protein of an endofungal bacterium increases the stress tolerance and alters the transcriptome of the host.

Carter, M. E., Carpenter, S. C. D., Dubrow, Z. E., Sabol, M. R., Rinaldi, F. C., Lastovetsky, O. A., Mondo, S. J., Pawlowska, T. E., and Bogdanove, A. J. 2020.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:202003857.

Auto-catalytic processing and substrate specificity of Arabidopsis chloroplast glutamyl peptidase.

Bhuiyan, N. H., Rowland, E., Friso, G., Ponnala, L., Michel, E. J., and van Wijk, K. J. 2020.  Plant Physiology:pp.00752.02020.

A maize LIPID TRANSFER PROTEIN may bridge the gap between PHYTOCHROME-mediated light signaling and cuticle biosynthesis.

Qiao, P., Bourgault, R., Mohammadi, M., Gore, M. A., Molina, I., and Scanlon, M. J. 2020.  Plant Signaling & Behavior:1790824.

Temporal covariance structure of multi-spectral phenotypes and their predictive ability for end-of-season traits in maize

Anche, M. T., Kaczmar, N. S., Morales, N., Clohessy, J. W., Ilut, D. C., Gore, M. A., and Robbins, K. R. 2020. Theoretical and Applied Genetics.

 Xanthomonas campestris Pathovars

Tang, J.-l., Tang, D.-J., Dubrow, Z. E., Bogdanove, A., and An, S.-q. 2020. Trends in Microbiology.

The effect of SDHI fungicide dose and mixture on development of resistance in Venturia inaequalis

Ayer, K. M., Choi, M.-W., Smart, S. T., Moffett, A. E., and Cox, K. D. 2020. Applied and Environmental Microbiology:AEM.01196-01120.

Antibacterial activity and mode of action of potassium tetraborate tetrahydrate against soft-rot bacterial plant pathogens

Liu, Y., and Filiatrault, M. J. 2020. Microbiology.

Genomic prediction and quantitative trait locus discovery in a cassava training population constructed from multiple breeding stages

Somo, M., Kulembeka, H., Mtunda, K., Mrema, E., Salum, K., Wolfe, M. D., Rabbi, I. Y., Egesi, C., Kawuki, R., Ozimati, A., Lozano, R., and Jannink, J.-L. 2020. Crop Science 60:896-913.

Factors affecting the implementation of exclusion netting to control Drosophila suzukii on primocane raspberry

Stockton, D. G., Hesler, S. P., Wallingford, A. K., Leskey, T. C., McDermott, L., Elsensohn, J. E., Riggs, D. I. M., Pritts, M., and Loeb, G. M. 2020. Crop Protection 135:105191.

Arabidopsis SMALL DEFENSE-ASSOCIATED PROTEIN 1 Modulates Pathogen Defense and Tolerance to Oxidative Stress

Dutta, A., Choudhary, P., Gupta-Bouder, P., Chatterjee, S., Liu, P.-P., Klessig, D. F., and Raina, R. 2020. Frontiers in Plant Science 11.

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