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Recent publications from the SIPS community – February 6, 2020

Aphids and their transmitted potato viruses: A continuous challenges in potato crops

Xu, Y., and Gray, S. M. 2020. Journal of Integrative Agriculture 19:367-375.

Chlorine dioxide and sodium diacetate treatments in controlled atmospheres retard mold incidence and maintain quality of fresh walnuts during cold storage

Ma, Y., Li, P., Watkins, C. B., Ye, N., Jing, N., Ma, H., and Zhang, T. 2020. Postharvest Biology and Technology 161:111063.

Plant type dominates fine-root C:N:P stoichiometry across China: A meta-analysis

Wang, Z., Lv, S., Song, H., Wang, M., Zhao, Q., Huang, H., and Niklas, K. J. Journal of Biogeography n/a.

Nuclear Pore Complex Components Have Temperature-Influenced Roles in Plant Growth and Immunity

Zhang, A., Wang, S., Kim, J., Yan, J., Yan, X., Pang, Q., and Hua, J. Plant, Cell & Environment n/a.

Can the French Flag and Reaction Diffusion models explain flower patterning? Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the French Flag Model

Vijaya Lakshmi Vadde, B., and Roeder, A. H. K. 2020. Journal of experimental botany.

Simulating metagenomic stable isotope probing datasets with MetaSIPSim

Barnett, S. E., and Buckley, D. H. 2020. BMC Bioinformatics 21:37.

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