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Recent publications from the SIPS community – November 28, 2019

Quantitative trait loci and differential gene expression analyses reveal the genetic basis for negatively associated β-carotene and starch content in hexaploid sweetpotato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam.]

Gemenet, D. C., da Silva Pereira, G., De Boeck, B., Wood, J. C., Mollinari, M., Olukolu, B. A., Diaz, F., Mosquera, V., Ssali, R. T., David, M., Kitavi, M. N., Burgos, G., Felde, T. Z., Ghislain, M., Carey, E., Swanckaert, J., Coin, L. J. M., Fei, Z., Hamilton, J. P., Yada, B., Yencho, G. C., Zeng, Z.-B., Mwanga, R. O. M., Khan, A., Gruneberg, W. J., and Buell, C. R. 2019. Theoretical and Applied Genetics.

Hybrid cyanobacterial-tobacco Rubisco supports autotrophic growth and pre-carboxysomal aggregation

Orr, D. J., Worrall, D., Lin, M. T., Carmo-Silva, E., Hanson, M. R., and Parry, M. A. J. 2020. Plant Physiology:pp.01193.02019.

Dominant, Heritable Resistance to Stewart’s Wilt in Maize Is Associated with an Enhanced Vascular Defense Response to Infection with Pantoea stewartii.

Doblas-Ibáñez, P., Deng, K., Vasquez, M. F., Giese, L., Cobine, P. A., Kolkman, J. M., King, H., Jamann, T. M., Balint-Kurti, P., De La Fuente, L., Nelson, R. J., Mackey, D., and Smith, L. G. 2019. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 32:1581-1597.

Emergence of Stemphylium Leaf Blight of Onion in New York Associated With Fungicide Resistance

Hay, F. S., Sharma, S., Hoepting, C., Strickland, D., Luong, K., and Pethybridge, S. J. 2019. . Plant Disease 103:3083-3092.

A high-resolution gene expression atlas links dedicated meristem genes to key architectural traits

Knauer, S., Javelle, M., Li, L., Li, X., Ma, X., Wimalanathan, K., Kumari, S., Johnston, R., Leiboff, S., Meeley, R., Schnable, P. S., Ware, D., Lawrence-Dill, C., Yu, J., Muehlbauer, G. J., Scanlon, M. J., and Timmermans, M. C. P. 2019. Genome Research.

Phylogenomics of the genus Populus reveals extensive interspecific gene flow and balancing selection

Wang, M., Zhang, L., Zhang, Z., Li, M., Wang, D., Zhang, X., Xi, Z., Keefover-Ring, K., Smart, L. B., DiFazio, S. P., Olson, M. S., Yin, T., Liu, J., and Ma, T. New Phytologist n/a.

Characterizing colonization patterns of Clavibacter michiganensis during infection of tolerant wild Solanum species

Peritore-Galve, F. C., Miller, C., and Smart, C. D. Phytopathology 0:null.

Pseudomonas syringae AlgU downregulates flagellin gene expression helping evade plant immunity

Bao, Z., Wei, H.-L., Ma, X., and Swingle, B. 2019. . Journal of Bacteriology:JB.00418-00419.

Manipulation of β-carotene levels in tomato fruits results in increased ABA content and extended shelf-life

Diretto, G., Frusciante, S., Fabbri, C., Schauer, N., Busta, L., Wang, Z., Matas, A. J., Fiore, A., Rose, J. K. C., Fernie, A. R., Jetter, R., Mattei, B., Giovannoni, J., and Giuliano, G. Plant Biotechnology Journal n/a.

Growth dynamics of the Arabidopsis fruit is mediated by cell expansion

Ripoll, J.-J., Zhu, M., Brocke, S., Hon, C. T., Yanofsky, M. F., Boudaoud, A., and Roeder, A. H. K. 2019. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences:201914096.

A polerovirus, Potato Leafroll virus, alters plant-vector interactions using three viral proteins

Patton, M. F., Bak, A., Sayre, J., Heck, M., and Casteel, C. L. Plant, Cell & Environment n/a.

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