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2019 SIPS Extension and Outreach Reports

-Magdalen Lindeberg

The following extension and outreach reports have been generated in response to a request from CALS Executive Dean Max Pfeffer for 2-page summaries of (a cover sheet and short “vignette”) of SIPS extension activities.

The compiled reports include 70 vignettes submitted by 60 SIPS faculty and senior academics. In a few instances, vignettes from 2016 have been used if an updated version was not submitted. Note that the vignettes are arranged in alphabetical order.

If you want to submit a report about your own outreach/extension activities or update information used in these compilations, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Magdalen to receive a PowerPoint template or if you would like this information in an alternate form.

2019 – SIPS Combined Extension and Outreach Vignettes

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