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SIPS Teaching FAQ

Course catalog:

Process/timeline for proposing new courses:

  • Newly proposed courses are reviewed by the Plant Science Curriculum Committee and by the CALS Curriculum Committee
  • If you have a new course you’d like to try out, consider teaching it as a Special Topics Course (PLSCI4940)
    • Can be 1-4 credits, and taught for 2 years without approval from the College
    • Does require some active publicity

TA rubric and process for requesting TAs:

  • Which classes are assigned graduate TAs? See this rubric
  • Ineligible for a graduate TA? Consider an undergraduate – they can be an excellent and knowledgeable resource especially if they have previously taken the class.
  • A 1-credit TA training class for undergraduates will be introduced as part of the SIPS Active Learning Initiative

Key academic dates:

Room scheduling:

Exam schedules:

Legal class times:

Class budgets, supplies, support:

  • CALS provides SIPS with funds to support teaching that is distributed to sections based on course numbers
  • Note that courses requiring food can now place orders for deliveries from Wegmans
  • Costs for field trip fees have increased significantly owing to changes in transportation providers. This may necessitate passing on some costs to students in the future.

Risk management:

  • Signed risk waivers are required for all off-campus experiences

Classroom governance:

  • Electronics, visitors, animals – in the absence of letters of accommodation from Student Disability Services, the choice of whether these are permissible is yours
  • Classroom auditing:
    • Auditing is only available to graduate students
    • Whether to accept auditors is your choice. IF you choose to accept auditors you cannot limit their numbers unless room capacity is exceeded
    • Auditors cannot be failed but they can receive an incomplete which must be resolved prior to graduation. Sometimes it is helpful to request auditing students to sign a contract committing to a specified level of attendance and/or participation

Class roster:

Academic accommodations:

  • Accommodation is required for varsity athletics, religious observance, and issues of physical and mental health
  • Accommodation is not required for club sports or deaths in the family
  • Ask at the beginning of the semester for known dates of absence related to athletics and religious observance. not that travel time to be with family is not encompassed
  • Physical and mental health accommodations require a letter from Student Health Services
  • You are not required to reschedule or duplicate field trips missed owing to accommodation

Consensual relationships policy:

Harassment and bias reporting:

Mental health resources:

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