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Recent publications from the SIPS community – July 11, 2019

Cytokinin and CLE signaling are highly intertwined developmental regulators across tissues and species

Cammarata, J., Roeder, A. H. K., and Scanlon, M. J. 2019. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 51:96-104.

Postharvest Performance of ʻMinneiskaʼ Apple, a Progeny of ʻHoneycrispʼ

Tong, C.B.S., R. Beaudry, C. Contreras, C. B. Watkins, J. F. Nock, Z. Vickers, K. Zhang, J. J. Luby, and D. Bedford 2019. J Am Pom Soc. 73:82-94

Field-grown tobacco plants maintain robust growth while accumulating large quantities of a bacterial cellulase in chloroplasts

Schmidt, J. A., McGrath, J. M., Hanson, M. R., Long, S. P., and Ahner, B. A. 2019. Nature Plants 5:715-721.

Differential gene regulatory pathways and co-expression networks associated with fire blight infection in apple (Malus × domestica)

Silva, K. J. P., Singh, J., Bednarek, R., Fei, Z., and Khan, A. 2019. Horticulture Research 6:35.

Taking the climate risk out of transplanted and direct seeded rice: Insights from dynamic simulation in Eastern India

Balwinder, S., McDonald, A. J., Kumar, V., Poonia, S. P., Srivastava, A. K., and Malik, R. K. 2019. Field Crops Research 239:92-103.

Impacts of nitrogen fertilization rate and landscape position on select soil properties in switchgrass field at four sites in the USA

Kumar, P., Lai, L., Battaglia, M. L., Kumar, S., Owens, V., Fike, J., Galbraith, J., Hong, C. O., Farris, R., Crawford, R., Crawford, J., Hansen, J., Mayton, H., and Viands, D. 2019. CATENA 180:183-193.

GrainGenes: centralized small grain resources and digital platform for geneticists and breeders

Blake, V. C., Woodhouse, M. R., Lazo, G. R., Odell, S. G., Wight, C. P., Tinker, N. A., Wang, Y., Gu, Y. Q., Birkett, C. L., Jannink, J.-L., Matthews, D. E., Hane, D. L., Michel, S. L., Yao, E., and Sen, T. Z. 2019. Database 2019.

Deconstructing cold hardiness: variation in supercooling ability and chilling requirements in the wild grapevine Vitis riparia

Londo, J. P., and Kovaleski, A. P. 2019. Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 25:276-285.

Rootstock effects on scion phenotypes in a ‘Chambourcin’ experimental vineyard

Migicovsky, Z., Harris, Z. N., Klein, L. L., Li, M., McDermaid, A., Chitwood, D. H., Fennell, A., Kovacs, L. G., Kwasniewski, M., Londo, J. P., Ma, Q., and Miller, A. J. 2019. Horticulture Research 6:64.

Population Subdivision and the Frequency of Aflatoxigenic Isolates in Aspergillus flavus in the United States

Drott, M. T., Fessler, L. M., and Milgroom, M. G. 2018. Phytopathology 109:878-886.

Life history strategies drive size-dependent biomass allocation patterns of dryland ephemerals and shrubs

Chen, R., Ran, J., Huang, H., Dong, L., Sun, Y., Ji, M., Hu, W., Yao, S., Lu, J., Gong, H., Xie, S., Du, Q., Hou, Q., Niklas, K. J., and Deng, J. 2019. Ecosphere 10:e02709.

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