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Reinforce IT security and protect yourself from hackers

-Magdalen Lindeberg

In light of recent hacking incidents, SIPS members are strongly urged to upgrade security on computer and mobile devices.

Recent incidents include a fraudulent email sent from a gmail account, purporting to be from SIPS Director Chris Smart. (If you received an email from, please disregard). To avoid such incidents in the future, CIT staff recommend adoption of two-step authentication for Office 365. According to CIT, schools that have implemented this as mandatory have seen account compromise almost disappear.

Two-step login

Secure Password Management

  • Did you know that Cornell has a free secure password management service? Are you using unoriginal passwords scribbled on a PostIt note for online banking and other sensitive transactions? Consider switching to LastPass!
  • Learn more at

General Information

Cornell IT also provides general information and tips on how to avoid online scams and fake emails, how to maximize your online privacy, and what to do if you think you’ve been hacked.


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