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Recent publications from the SIPS community – November 15, 2018

A Strain of an Emerging Indian Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzae Pathotype Defeats the Rice Bacterial Blight Resistance Gene xa13 Without Inducing a Clade III SWEET Gene and Is Nearly Identical to a Recent Thai Isolate.

Carpenter, S.C.D., Mishra, P., Ghoshal, C., Dash, P.K., Wang, L., Midha, S., Laha, G.S., Lore, J.S., Kositratana, W., Singh, N.K., Singh, K., Patil, P.B., Oliva, R., Patarapuwadol, S., Bogdanove, A.J., and Rai, R. 2018. Frontiers in Microbiology 9.

Natural climate solutions for the United States.

Fargione, J.E., Bassett, S., Boucher, T., Bridgham, S.D., Conant, R.T., Cook-Patton, S.C., Ellis, P.W., Falcucci, A., Fourqurean, J.W., Gopalakrishna, T., Gu, H., Henderson, B., Hurteau, M.D., Kroeger, K.D., Kroeger, T., Lark, T.J., Leavitt, S.M., Lomax, G., McDonald, R.I., Megonigal, J.P., Miteva, D.A., Richardson, C.J., Sanderman, J., Shoch, D., Spawn, S.A., Veldman, J.W., Williams, C.A., Woodbury, P.B., Zganjar, C., Baranski, M., Elias, P., Houghton, R.A., Landis, E., McGlynn, E., Schlesinger, W.H., Siikamaki, J.V., Sutton-Grier, A.E., and Griscom, B.W. 2018.  Science Advances 4.

Deacclimation kinetics as a quantitative phenotype for delineating the dormancy transition and thermal efficiency for budbreak in Vitis species.

Kovaleski, A.P., Reisch, B.I., and Londo, J.P. 2018. AoB PLANTS 10:ply066-ply066.

A Confounding Effect of Bacterial Titer in a Type III Delivery–Based Assay of Eukaryotic Effector Function.

Carter, M.E., Bogdanove, A.J., Innes, R.W., and Wise, R.P. 2018.  Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions 31:1115-1116.

Overexpression of Rubisco subunits with RAF1 increases Rubisco content in maize.

Salesse-Smith, C.E., Sharwood, R.E., Busch, F.A., Kromdijk, J., Bardal, V., and Stern, D.B. 2018. Nature Plants 4:802-810.

Ploidy and Size at Multiple Scales in the Arabidopsis Sepal.

Robinson, D.O., Coate, J.E., Singh, A., Hong, L., Bush, M., Doyle, J.J., and Roeder, A.H.K. 2018. The Plant Cell 30:2308-2329.

An aromatic amino acid and associated helix in the C-terminus of the potato leafroll virus minor capsid protein regulate systemic infection and symptom expression.

Xu, Y., Da Silva, W.L., Qian, Y., and Gray, S.M. 2018. PLOS Pathogens 14:e1007451.

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