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Tri-societies meeting draws SIPS faculty, staff, and students to Baltimore

-Magdalen Lindeberg

Daniel Sweeney, Ellie Taagen, Karl Kunze, and Margaret Krause

The 2018 Tri-Societies Meeting was held in Baltimore MD from November 4 – 7. Sponsored by the American Society of Agronomy, the Crop Science Society of America, and the Canadian Society of Agronomy, the meeting drew over 2500 attendees to discuss science on the theme of “Enhancing Productivity in a Changing Climate”.

Ella Taagen, Karl Kunze, and Dan Sweeney represented the Sorrells lab with posters on “Fine Mapping and Characterization of Two Grain Size QTL in Spring Bread Wheat”, “Evaluating Protein Content of Winter Malting Barley across Multiple Locations for Variety Selection”, and “Multiparental Genomic Selection for Northeastern Environments in Malting Barley (Hordeum vulgare)”

Ann Bybee-Finley from the Ryan lab gave a talk on the topic of “Building Better Cover Crop Mixes by Understanding Competition” in addition to a poster on “Double-Cropping and Intercropping in Northeastern Forage Cropping Systems to Enhance Resilience”.

Olenka Zavodna, Yulin Jiang, Yana Kavulych

The Vatamaniuk research program was represented by Olena Vatamaniuk who delivered on a talk on “The Role of Copper in Plant Fertility: A Journey from Model Plants Arabidopsis thaliana and Brachypodium distachyon to Wheat “. Yana Kavulych, a visiting scientist in the Vatamaniuk lab presented a poster on “The Identification of Wheat Varieties with the Enhanced Ability to Grow Under Mineral Deficiency in Soils and Increased Concentration of Minerals in Grains”

Several members of the Gore lab presented posters including Haixiao Hu on “Dynamic Changes in Gene Expression and Metabolite Levels across Multiple Time Points of Oat Grain Development”, Meng Lin on “Genome-Wide Association Study Reveals the Genetic Architecture of Leaf Cuticular Evaporation Rate in Maize” and Matheus Baseggio on “The Genetic Basis of Vitamin E and Provitamin a Levels in Fresh Sweet Corn Kernels”.

Kelly Robbins delivered a talk on “Implementation of Genomic Selection in Maize and Chickpea Breeding Programs in Africa and South Asia”. A talk was also given by Frank Rossi in the Horticulture Section entitled “Golf Course Best Management Practices for Water Quality Protection as a New York State Educational Initiative”. Rossi’s student Alec Moore presented a poster on “Effect of Human Traffic on Putting Surface Performance”.

Alicia Caswell distributes Cornell literature to meeting attendees

Poster presenters and speakers were joined by Kim Cotton and Alicia Caswell, Graduate Field Assistants for the Plant Breeding, Soil and Crop Sciences, Plant Pathology, and Horticulture. Cotton and Caswell distributed information about MS/PhD and MPS programs in the School of Integrative Plant Science as well as open faculty positions.


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