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Recent publications from the SIPS community – May 31, 2018

New technologies for storage of horticultural products – there is more to adoption than availability!

Watkins, C.B. (2018). (International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), Leuven, Belgium), pp. 1233-1244.

A stem-loop structure in potato leafroll virus ORF5 that is essential for readthrough translation of the coat protein ORF stop codon 700 bases upstream.

Xu, Y., Ju, H.J., DeBlasio, S., Carino, E.J., Johnson, R., MacCoss, M., Heck, M.C., Miller, W.A., and Gray, S.M. 2018. Journal of Virology.

Functions and substrates of plastoglobule-localized metallopeptidase PGM48.

Bhuiyan, N.H., and van Wijk, K.J. 2017. Plant Signaling & Behavior 12:e1331197.

Boron and the evolutionary development of roots.

Kutschera, U., and Niklas, K.J. 2017. Plant Signaling & Behavior 12:e1320631.

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