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Recent publications from the SIPS community – May 24, 2018

Evolution of interspecies unilateral incompatibility in the relatives of Arabidopsis thaliana.

Ling, L., Bo, L., Xiaomei, D., Hainan, Z., Hongyan, L., Shilai, X., D., F.D., Mengya, L., E., N.M., B., N.J., and Pei, L.  Molecular Ecology.

Activation of Self-Incompatibility Signaling in Transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana Is Independent of AP2-Based Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis.

Yamamoto, M., Nishio, T., and Nasrallah, J.B. 2018 G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics.

Genetic diversity of dihydrochalcone content in Malus germplasm.

Gutierrez, B.L., Zhong, G.-Y., and Brown, S.K. 2018. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 65:1485-1502.

Clues to an evolutionary mystery: the genes for T-toxin, enabler of the devastating 1970 Southern Corn Leaf Blight epidemic, are present in ancestral species, suggesting an ancient origin.

Condon, B.J., Elliott, C.E., Gonzalez, J., Yun, S.-H., Akagi, Y., Wiesner-Hanks, T., Kodama, M., and Turgeon, G. 2018.  Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions.

Phylogenomics reveals multiple losses of nitrogen-fixing root nodule symbiosis

Griesmann, M., Chang, Y., Liu, X., Song, Y., Haberer, G., Crook, M.B., Billault-Penneteau, B., Lauressergues, D., Keller, J., Imanishi, L., Roswanjaya, Y.P., Kohlen, W., Pujic, P., Battenberg, K., Alloisio, N., Liang, Y., Hilhorst, H., Salgado, M.G., Hocher, V., Gherbi, H., Svistoonoff, S., Doyle, J.J., He, S., Xu, Y., Xu, S., Qu, J., Gao, Q., Fang, X., Fu, Y., Normand, P., Berry, A.M., Wall, L.G., Ané, J.-M., Pawlowski, K., Xu, X., Yang, H., Spannagl, M., Mayer, K.F.X., Wong, G.K.-S., Parniske, M., Delaux, P.-M., and Cheng, S. 2018. Science.

Domestic honeybees affect the performance of pre-dispersal seed predators in an alpine meadow.

Xi, X., Dong, Y., Tian, X., Xu, H., Zhou, Q., Niklas, K.J., and Sun, S. 2018.  Oecologia 187:113-122.

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