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2017 SIPS Recognition & Awards

The 2017 SIPS Recognition & Awards Reception was held on June 7 to recognize staff receiving service awards for their years of work and faculty receiving recognition for contributions to their fields.

Congratulations to all awardees, with special recognition to Marty Sailus and Sherrie Norman for their 30 and 35 years of service!

2016-2017 Staff Service Awards

5 years of service

Katie Carpenter (Hort)
Peter Herzeelle (Hort)
Dean Koyanagi (Hort)
Jaime Cummings (PPPMB)
Kirsten Kurtz (SCS)
Leslie Larsen (SIPS)

10 years of service

Jonathan Comstock (Hort)
Violet Stone (Hort)
Jason Schiller (PBG)
Florianna Blanton (Plant Bio)
Tiffany Stauderman (Plant Bio)
Chris Nobles (PPPMB)
Tara Nihill (SIPS)

15 years of service

Xiao Min Jia (PBG)
Mary Kreitinger (PBG)
James Tanaka (PBG)
Bob Oman (PPPMB)
Magdalen Lindeberg (PPPMB)
Scott Morris (SCS)
Karin Jantz (SIPS)

20 years of service

Jean Bonasera (PPPMB)
Alejandro Parra (SCS)
Andy Vail (SIPS)

25 years of service

Philip Atkins (PBG)
Lena Gray (PBG)
Sandra Harrington (PBG)

30 years of service

Marty Sailus (Hort)

35 years of service

Sherrie Norman (PBG)

Leslie Larsen with a queenly smile (5 years)
Karin Jantz (15 years)
Andy Vail (20 years)
James Tanaka (15 years)
Magdalen Lindeberg (15 years)


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