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Recent publications from the SIPS community – December 8, 2016

Population Diversity and Sensitivity to Azoxystrobin of Alternaria brassicicola in New York State

Kreis, R.A., Dillard, H.R., and Smart, C.D. 2016. Plant Dis 100:2422-2426.

Weed Mortality Caused by Row-Crop Cultivation in Organic Corn–Soybean–Spelt Cropping Systems

Mohler, C.L., Marschner, C.A., Caldwell, B.A., and DiTommaso, A. 2016. Weed Technology 30:648-654.

Effects of Water on Recovery of Weed Seedlings Following Burial

Mohler, C.L., Iqbal, J., Shen, J.Y., and DiTommaso, A. 2016. Weed Sci 64:285-293.

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