Modern On-Farm Preparedness: Updates & Strategies for Managing Human Risk

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Most farms operate in an environment characterized by significant uncertainty, where managing risk is a daily concern. Risk management conversations often emphasize how to deal with uncertain yields and prices. However, people are also a source of risk for farm businesses. Extension Risk Management Education defines human risk management as “the ability to keep all people who are involved in the business safe, satisfied and productive.” Any activities that improve human health and well-being, family and business relationships, or employee management will contribute to a farm’s overall human risk management picture.

This winter, Cornell Cooperative Extension has teamed up with the NY State Cattle Health Assurance Program, the American Dairy Association, and the New York Center for Agriculture and Health to help farms expand their human risk management capacity. Their Modern On-Farm Preparedness program includes a series of presentations and webinars intended to address various aspects of health, safety, employee management, and public relations that farms face in today’s world.

The series will take place on five consecutive Thursday afternoons from January 23 to February 27. You can tune in to watch the webinars from home on your computer or mobile device, or join us for a group viewing and discussion. Farms can register to attend all five sessions, or register for individual sessions. Registration is $10 per session.

To register, visit our website: or contact Donette Griffith by email at or by phone at 607-391-2662. For questions, contact Betsy Hicks by email at or by phone at 607-391-2673.

Modern On-Farm Preparedness Schedule

Jan 30 – F.A.R.M 4.0 Update. The F.A.R.M program is evolving as farmers implement the program. Learn about how farmers have used and gained benefits and how you can use the FARM program. Webinar & Discussion: 1 -2 pm. Broadcasts: Farm Credit East in Homer & CCE Tioga

Feb 6 – Activist Preparedness. This session will address several aspects of dealing with activists, including good hiring practices, available resources for support, and a plan of who to contact if something happens on your farm. Learn how to talk about videos taken on another farm and how to prepare your employees for these events. Webinar & Discussion: 1 -2 pm. Broadcasts: Farm Credit East in Homer & CCE Tioga

Feb 13 – Social Media Preparedness. How to respond to negative comments on farm pages. Resources to tap into and people you can call for effective responses. Farm Credit East 1 -4 pm.

Feb 20 – Disease Outbreaks and Biosecurity. Do you have a plan in place if there is a disease outbreak on the farm? Dr. Melanie Hemenway, State Veterinarian, will provide concrete steps to deal with disease outbreaks and make biosecurity recommendations for prevention. Webinar: 1 -2 pm.Broadcasts: Farm Credit East in Homer & CCE Tioga

Feb 27 – On Farm Safety: Prevention, Prevention, Prevention. Yet accidents still happen. This session will focus on prevention and also address accident response. E-Z Acres in Homer: 1 -4 pm.



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