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New York State Hemlock Initiative

Keeping the legacy alive

Report HWA Finding

If you are interested in looking for HWA, first please read our HWA Survey Protocol.

If you think you have found* HWA, there are several ways to report your finding:

New York iMapInvasives : This .pdf provides instructions for reporting HWA through iMapInvasives, New York State’s on-line all-taxa invasive species database and mapping tool. Their mobile app for reporting HWA is easy to use and will add your findings directly to the database for tracking HWA in New York.

NYS Hemlock Initiative HWA Survey Form : You can also complete this survey form and email or mail your findings to us at:

NYS Hemlock Initiative
111 Fernow Hall
Department of Natural Resources
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14850

*If you visit an area with hemlocks and you DO NOT find HWA, please report the non-finding too! You can do this in iMap by selecting “X-HWA-Not Detected” under the species tab.

If you are surveying a State Park, please submit maps and surveys to:

Bob O’Brien
PO Box 893
New Paltz, NY 12561

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