Report HWA Finding

Reporting your HWA findings helps us manage HWA in New York’s forests by providing locations of local infestations for treatment and allow us to understand where new infestations may end up. For surveying tips and HWA identification information, you can use our Hemlock and HWA ID Guide.

There are three reporting options available for HWA findings listed below. Pick the one method that works for you to report your HWA finding.

Reporting Methods

1. Use the NYiMapInvasives mobile app:

We encourage you to use NYiMapInvasives to record HWA findings in New York. This invasive species mapping tool is used by NYS DEC to plan management and prioritize HWA treatments in New York. Your contributions to the state invasives map improve our ability to conserve and protect hemlock resources.

To use iMapInvasives, you must set up an account with a username and download the app onto your mobile device. Once you’re signed up, you can use iMap to report locations of any invasive species in New York. For more information, visit the iMap website:

iMapInvasives now has a self-training program that allows you to learn to use the iMap mobile app and sign up for an iMap username without attending an in-person training event. You can find details on iMap’s self training program here:

2. Call NYS DEC Forest Pest Information Line:

Phone Number: 1-866-640-0652

3. Send a report to NYSHI

Take a picture of the infestation when you are in the field. We require a photo of the infestation with submission.

We ask that you include the address of the finding as well as a detailed description of its location including any useful location information such as trail names or major nearby landmarks. GPS coordinates of your finding are especially helpful!

You can use our HWA Report Submission Form to report findings to us.