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Information Cascades in ‘Echo-Chambers’ Christopher Mim’s article focuses on the reasoning behind why individuals believe the world is, generally, a ‘bad place.’ Mim’s uses Facebook’s algorithms example to explain the spread of certain biases through ‘echo-chambers.’  To explain this phenomenon, Mim’s concentrates on three biases: Availability, Extremity and Confirmation bias. Availability bias is the idea that whatever instances […]

Time-based Unemployment Cascade Behavior

Nonemployment stigma as rational herding: A field experiment Article by Felix Oberholzer-Gee   Time-based Unemployment Cascade Behavior Long term unemployment has consistently been shown to be self-perpetuating. Those that are unemployed for longer are hired at much lower rates, extending unemployment for the long term unemployed. While several factors have been suggested to explain […]

Game Theory in Indian Politics

The Maharashtra political chaos is equal parts Game of Thrones and Game Theory The above article correlates Game Theory with the recent alliance between the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Shiv Sena (SS) in Maharashtra, India. Unfortunately, a pact that both parties would share the chief minister post caused confusion regarding who would […]

Reverse Network Effects in Social Media

Article: This article dives into a deeper understanding of network effects, but from a less conventional perspective. Generally people analyze network effects and other factors to figure out how to maximize their benefits to create the most successful products, but they often overlook the factors that can lead to a product’s demise. This article […]

Illness Spreading Via Holiday Contact

Article- The number of cold and flu cases in America increase in late November and December every year in no small part because of the increased contact between people. As people flood public transport systems and family members and friends get together in large groups over large amounts of food, the number of opportunities […]

Cascades and Spreading of Wireless Headphones Ian Kar discusses the trend of people switching between non-bluetooth and bluetooth headphones within his article on how wireless headphones has taken over traditional headphones in sales. Within his graph titled “Market share for headphone sales in the US”, he shows the decreasing, linear trend in sales of traditional, non-bluetooth headphones and increasing, linear […]

Application of Bayes’ Theorem in the Business of Social Games and Casino      In the article “The Business of Social Games and Casino,” Lloyd Melnick discusses how to succeed in mobile game space by applying Bayes’ Theorem. In the game space, the green light decision is when a company decides whether or not to fund fully a project and put it into production by using […]

ChainLink: A Cryptocurrency for Smart Contracts

ChainLink is a developing technology intended for application towards smart contracts, an increasingly eminent vehicle for negotiations. Transactions are irreversible and traceable under smart contracts, with no need for verification from a third party. Normal contracts can be completely transformed by this technology, as smart contracts eliminate the time, energy, and capital that goes into […]

Applications of Bayes’ Theorem in Finance The article discusses the applications of Bayes’ Theorem in the field of finance. In particular, the article describes multiple ways in which companies will consider estimated probabilities when evaluating opportunities, rather than using face value numbers. For example, interest rates are critical towards deciding how much money a company can invest and/or borrow. A […]

Power Law in Popular Media   The article explores power-law on different media with specific data and calculations. In detail, the author explicitly collects data from the internet and uses the data to generate mathematical graphs to indicate how the power-law is presented in multiple forms of media. The article presents examples in books, music, movies, video games, […]

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