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Analyzing NHL Draft Strategy with Game Theory   In many sports, amateur drafts are the most common way for new players to enter a league. In the case of the National Hockey League, around 90% of current players entered through the draft. A draft presents a scenario where teams make decisions in sequence to select players that they believe will give […]

Social Contagion of Religion   This video examines the spreading of  the 5 major religions throughout the World – Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. We can use the concept of social contagion to examine this process. Hinduism began spreading first, followed by Judaism in a distant area of the world. Buddhism began in a primarily Hindi area […]

How Information Cascades Cause Posts to Go Viral on the Internet In the modern state of social interactions, social media is the main outlet of demonstrating social capital and becoming a social influencer. Social influence is determined by the ability to post viral posts on whatever the social media page may be. A viral post is one which many people have given it likes/retweets/views enabling […]

Programmatic Ad Buying

SOURCE:   “Programmatic” ad buying typically refers to the use of software to purchase digital advertising, which is more efficient than using human salespeople. In past years, Programmatic has faced criticism for its lack of transparency and fraud issues. One of the biggest issues is the novelty and complexity of automated buying technology. New […]

Evolutionary Stable Strategies 

According to the linked Nature article, interactions between different animals and organisms have costs that can be both beneficial and harmful. For example, when two animals engage in a fight, they both lose resources. On the flip side, when two animals engage in some mutually beneficial behavior such as symbiosis, they both receive a reward. […]

The network effects of pump and dump

Amongst many components of the financial industry, the stock market is heavily influenced by the effect of people’s decisions. Often the goal of profitable investing is to foresee the decision of others and make trades before others. Some have notoriously attempted to influence the decisions of the others for their own final gains through schemes […]

The Internet as a Cause of ‘Rich Get Richer, Poor get Poorer’ Phenomenon in Europe

Link to article With the rise of the digital world, it has become increasingly easier for those with already high socioeconomic status to maintain and improve upon their status with resources such as the internet. This article highlights the fact that this is causing a gap between the wealthy and the poor in Europe. The […]

Considering Others Solves the Prisoner’s Dilemma

Many things in life can be considered a “game” in game theory sense. From waking up in the morning to littering, all these seemingly normal actions can be considered games. Simple actions such as eating out with friends can easily turn into a prisoner dilemma. Eight friends go out to lunch together and plan to […]

Why Customer Reviews Are Important, and Why They Aren’t

This article reports that customers are unhappy that Apple removed a customer reviews feature on their website. This caused some backlash against Apple. as many suspected they did this to remove any negative reviews their products may have been given. According to the article, Apple had some previous issues with negative reviews, but had “cater[ed] […]

Information Cascade in Crypto Market

Authors in this paper The Wisdom of Crowds and Information Cascades in FinTech: Evidence from Initial Coin Offerings give an interesting data-based analysis on how information cascade is generated in crypto market —- certain prominent crypto influencers/analysts lead up to a herding effect in the first round investment (ICO aka Initial Coin Offerings) in crypto […]

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