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The Fall of Facebook

The source of this blog post can be found here:  link! Facebook seems to have won the popularity game, with more than 800 million people using the site on an average day. Website popularity is often unpredictable, but as the use of Facebook became more commonplace and well-known, it became easier to invade the tightly […]

Breaking the Internet?

The internet in all of its vastness and complexity is an entity which seems as though it could never fully be enraptured with any single idea.  Over the past week however, a daring socialite dared to attempt the impossible- to unite the internet on a single, solid front.  Or was it rear?  Kim Kardashian attempted […]

Venmo’s Increased Popularity through Social Networks

The article I picked is about the app called Venmo, which allows for people to send electronic payments to one another.  The article goes into the features of Venmo and how this app is taking over the mobile payment industry.  The article begins with the growth of Venmo financially.  Venmo has grown to profits of $314 […]

Weight Loss and PageRank

A new study published in the American Journal of Public Health has found that online searches for weight loss information initially result in poor or even false advice/guidance. In an attempt to explain why and from where people find misinformation about weight loss, Francois Modave, PhD, along with Nackiran Shokar, Eribeth Penaranda, and Norma Nguyen, […]

Facebook’s professional network

Facebook, in an attempt to attract additional users and page views, is expanding to offer a professional social network. This new product aims to capture a segmet of the market currently dominated by LinkedIn. Facebook hopes that it’s existing social network will give it the upper hand in conquering the professional space. One of the […]

Why Microsoft Makes .NET Open Source?

Recently Microsoft open-sourced their most beloved development platform,  .NET (pronounced as “dot net”) [1]. Previously, the platform is closed source, which means that no one else than internal developers at Microsoft would be able to see the source code for .NET and contribute to it, and that people are unable to port it to Mac/Linux. […]

Information Cascades in the Labor Market

This article discusses information cascades in terms of the labor market.  When hiring employers are confronted with a new applicant, the employer needs to decide, based on accessible information, if this person would be a good person to have as part of their company.  The most accessible information, in this case, is the applicant’s history […]

Information Cascades with Social Media

With new and emerging technologies appear all the time, its very difficult to see what technologies will be adopted and which technologies will be abandoned. This study examines the initial adoption of technology through not only information cascades but also a variety of other theories including microblogging. Microblogging is a form of social media where […]

Snapcash and Venmo?

In recent news, the mobile application, Snapchat, has announced a new service called ‘Snapcash’. Partnering with the payment-processing firm, Square, users can now send money through snapchat direct messages. This new product seems novel in that it is now easier than ever to pass money quickly to friends without having to open your wallet. However, […]

Too Much Effort for Just Reddit?!?

Reddit is a site that most of us, as college students, have surfed with opinionated minds and the power to upvote or downvote a post. The decision of what to do comes quickly without much thought; a simple click of a mouse. But does with great power come great responsibility? As we learned in class, […]

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