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Direct Benefit and Network Effects in Countries’ Adoption of IFRS

The concept of network effects and direct benefits is extremely pervasive throughout the Global economy, and has interesting implications in the field of international financial reporting. The paper, ‘Network Effects in Countries’ Adoption of IFRS’, by Karthik Ramanna and Ewa Sletten (2013) examine the application of the concept in accounting practices adopted by nations across […]

Preferential Attachment to Marvel Movies

This article delineates how a big movie franchise such as Marvel gets richer by being high competition in the movie marketplace. Independent films in the 1970s and 1980s seemed to have done well back then but recently, people seem to be interested in only films from franchises that they have heard of. It also goes […]

Emotional Contagion’s Effect on Facebook

Emotional Contagion is defined as the transference of an emotional state from one person to another without the recipient being aware of their newly inherited emotional state. Experiments in the past were only concerned with whether or not an emotional contagion can exist between people based off of their facial and physical cues. A group […]

Why Your Data Matters: Cybersecurity and Cyberinsurance

In the wake of increased credit and debit card security breach, companies that handle sensitive information pertaining to their clients are constantly seeking better ways to secure the data of their clients. Think of Amazon, eBay, PayPal, major banks and other enterprises which store credit and debit card information on online servers.  In as much […]

Interstellar Cascade

I want to see Interstellar. Not because I’m interested in space travel in any way, shape or form. I want to see interstellar because so many have my friends have gone to see the movie already and I have now been convinced that I should also see the movie. My threshold for deciding to see […]

Information Cascades in Esports

  Every year Valve Corporation Hosts the “World Cup” for their most popular video game called Dota 2. This tournament is known as “The International ” and is generally hosted in July or August every year since 2011 when the Inaugural International took place. This past July the tournament was held in Seattle’s Key Arena […]

Lytro – Disruptive Technologies

The Lytro camera is the first consumer targeted light field camera. In contrast with any cameras we have today, which capture simple two dimensional photographs, the Lytro uses an array of thousands of microlenses, along with highly complex mathematics, to capture the depth of a scene. As new technologies develop and our interactions with technology […]

Why atheism is just now spreading in Saudi Arabia

Information cascades occur when the actions of one or few individuals impacts others, which in turn effects people at an exponential rate. This influence can cause many people to act in a similar manner, regardless of whether it is helpful or harmful to the individuals. Information cascades can be either information-based or direct-benefit-based. In the […]

Network Effects in Language Change

Like any red-blooded Cornellian (pun intended), I belong to the Facebook group “Overheard at Cornell,” a massive compendium of funny, scary, and sad quotes that members of the Cornell community have heard others saying around campus. Another student has used information cascades to analyze patterns of “likes” on “Overheard” posts. I’m going to look into […]

UGC (User Generated Content) Sites and Network Effects

We’ve been discussing social network effects in class. Network effects matter a lot to many companies in tech industry, especially to those UGC (User Generated Content) sites, where users are contributors to the site contents. The young company TripAdvisor is a typical example. According to the Forbes article, How TripAdvisor Grows Scale and Network Effects: […]

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