K-12 Outreach Groups

Cornell has many groups that are very active in outreach. The following is a partial list of our partners in outreach:


Program Paleontological Research Institution and its Museum of the Earth and Cayuga Nature Center
Contact For Museum of the Earth K-12 Programs: Andrew Blodgett, ajb455@cornell.edu  273-6623 x13For Cayuga Nature Center K-12 Programs: Matt Sacco, ms453@cornell.edu  273-6260 x224

Director of Teacher Programs: Dr. Don Duggan-Haas, dad55@cornell.edu 315-790-8569

Discipline Earth and Environmental Sciences, Paleontology and Evolution, Ecology and Biology, Nature of Science
Grade Levels K-16
Websites http://www.priweb.org/outreach.php

www.teacherfriendlyguide.org Written for educators as content resources and curriculum supplements, Teacher-Friendly Guides™ are designed to facilitate inquiry-based education by providing educators with the background necessary to introduce scientific topics using familiar organisms and landscapes.

http://virtualfieldwork.org/Welcome.html Helps teachers teach regional and local Earth system science using an inquiry approach. The project is grounded in the idea of using the local environment to understand the global environment.

Program Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development in the Brofenbrenner Center for Translational Research (on campus) and across New York State
Contact Andy Turner, Director ast4@cornell.edu, 607-255-7516
Discipline Positive youth development, non-formal out-of-school learning, Science/Engineering/Technology, Healthy Lifestyles, Civic Engagement
Websites State Program www.nys4h.cce.cornell.edu

Find 4-H across New York State http://cce.cornell.edu/learnAbout/Pages/Local_Offices.aspx

Career Explorations Conference (Grades 8-12) http://nys4h.cce.cornell.edu/events/Pages/CareerEx.aspx

Program Cornell Center for Materials Research
Contact Nev Singhota, Director of EPO nks@cornell.edu 255-1486
Discipline Physical Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Engineering, etc.
Grade Levels K-12 students, teachers, and community groups
Websites https://www.ccmr.cornell.edu/education
Program Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Contact Tiffany Fleming, Becky Sims, and Nicole Waters Fisher pgrp-outreach@cornell.edu
Discipline Plant Science, Plant Genomics, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, STEM
Grade Levels 7-12, post-secondary, and STEM teachers, adult
Websites http://bti.cornell.edu/education/
Program Cornell Plantations
Contact For K-5: Raylene Ludgate, rgl3@cornell.edu 255-2407

For 6-12: Donna Levy, dl51@cornell.edu 254-7259

Discipline Formal and non-formal learning programs in areas related to Plants and People, Biology, Ecology, and Gardening
Grade Levels Pre-K – 12
Websites http://www.cornellplantations.org/learning
Program Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator-Based Sciences and Education (CLASSE)
Contact Lora Hine, lkh24@cornell.eduErik Herman, eah229@cornell.edu 255-2319
Discipline Physical Science, Engineering, Chemistry, General Science, Technology
Grade Levels Pre-K – 12
Websites http://lepp.cornell.edu/Outreach/WebHome.html Xraise Program (Outreach)
Program ASSET: Advancing Secondary Science Education with Tetrahymena
Contact Donna Cassidy-Hanley, Director, sepa_asset_program@cornell.eduMary Kay Hickey, Science Outreach CoordinatorCharles Hanley, Science and Society Outreach Coordinator
Discipline Biology, Living Environment, Elementary Science Education, Social Science
Grade Levels 3-12
Websites https://tetrahymenaasset.vet.cornell.edu/
Program Students Engaging the Environment: A Student and Scientist Collaboration to Assess Aquatic Invasive Species
Contact Donna Cassidy-Hanley, Director, dmc4@cornell.edu
Discipline Biology, Living Environment, Ecology, Environmental Science
Grade Levels 3-12
Websites https://tetrahymenaasset.vet.cornell.edu/invasive-fish-program/
Program Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Contact Jennifer Fee: Manager of K-12 Programs, jms327@cornell.edu 255-2403Anne James Rosenberg: Youth Education Coordinator, baj3@cornell.edu 254-2109Karen Purcell: Celebrate Urban Birds, Project Leader, kap7@cornell.edu 254-2455
Discipline Biological Sciences, Ecology & Evolution
Grade Levels K-12
Websites Education: http://www.birds.cornell.edu/page.aspx?pid=1663Citizen Science Programs: http://www.birds.cornell.edu/page.aspx?pid=1664Adelson Library Children’s Book Readings: http://www.birds.cornell.edu/Adelson/services/children-s-reading-programBirdSleuth Program: http://www.birdsleuth.org/ Includes summer retreat and free online courses for educators.
Program Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies
Contact outreach@einaudi.cornell.edu
Discipline Social Studies, History, Geography, Family and Consumer Sciences, Humanities, Foreign Languages
Grade Levels Pre-K – 12, post-secondary
Websites www.einaudi.cornell.edu/outreachProfessional Development for Educators: http://www.einaudi.cornell.edu/outreach_professional_developmentAfter School Language and Culture Program: http://www.einaudi.cornell.edu/outreach_after_schoolResources for Educators (including original curriculum units): http://www.einaudi.cornell.edu/outreach_classroom_resources
Program Latin American Studies Program (LASP)
Contact Rebecca M. Snyder, rms299@cornell.edu or lasp@einaudi.cornell.edu 255-1468
Discipline Latin American Studies, Social Studies, Humanities, Foreign Language
Grade Levels K-12
Websites http://lasp.einaudi.cornell.edu/outreach
Program Southeast Asia Program (SEAP)
Contact SEAP Outreach Coordinator, seap-out@cornell.edu 255-6688
Discipline Social Studies, History, Geography, Family and Consumer Sciences, Humanities, Foreign Languages, ESOL, School Social Workers, Physical Education
Grade Levels K-12, post-secondary
Websites http://seap.einaudi.cornell.edu/outreach
Program East Asia Program (EAP)
Contact eap-outreach@cornell.edu 255-8366
Discipline Social Studies, Art, Geography, East Asian History and Cultures, Foreign Language
Grade Levels Pre-K – 12
Websites http://seap.einaudi.cornell.edu/outreach
Program Cornell Institute for European Studies (CIES)
Contact cies@cornell.edu
Discipline Social Studies, Global History and Geography, ELA, Foreign Language, Family and Consumer Sciences
Grade Levels K-12
Websites http://cies.einaudi.cornell.edu/outreach
Program South Asia Program (SAP)
Contact outreach@einaudi.cornell.edu
Discipline South Asian History, Science, Social Science (Culture), Performing Arts
Grade Levels K-12
Websites http://sap.einaudi.cornell.edu/outreach
Program Institute for African Development (IAD)
Contact Jackie Sayegh & Evangeline Ray, ciad@cornell.edu
Discipline Social Studies, Geography, African History, Foreign Language
Grade Levels K-12
Websites http://iad.einaudi.cornell.edu/outreach
Program Cornell Mathematics Department Outreach
Contact Dr. Mary Ann Huntley, huntley@math.cornell.edu 255-5529
Discipline Mathematics
Grade Levels K-12
Websites http://www.math.cornell.edu/m/Community/community
Program Community Learning and Service Partnership (CLASP)
Contact Annalisa L. Raymer, Director, alr26@cornell.edu 255-7633
Discipline Computer Skills, English Language, Citizenship, High School Equivalence
Grade Levels Cornell Service Employees and Students
Websites http://clasp.education.cornell.edu/
Program Rural Schools Association
Contact Natalie Mitchell, Admin. Assistant nam33@cornell.edu 255-8709
Grade Levels K-12
Websites http://cardi.cals.cornell.edu/programs/rsa/
Program Expanding Your Horizons at Cornell
Contact eyh@cornell.edu, 255-9547
Discipline General Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics
Grade Levels 7-9th Grade Girls
Websites http://www.eyh.cornell.edu/
Program Splash! At Cornell
Contact splashcornell@gmail.com, 909-713-4830
Discipline All
Grade Levels 6-12
Websites https://cornell.learningu.org/
Program Cornell Raptor Program
Contact  Dr. John E. Parks, Director, jep5@cornell.edu 255-2865
Discipline Animal Science
Grade Levels K-12
Websites http://ansci1.abc.cornell.edu/raptor/index.html
Program Talking with Kids About HIV/AIDS
Contact jst5@cornell.edu, 255-1942
Discipline Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Community Learning, Family Life Development
Grade Levels 4-12
Websites http://www.twkaha.org/
Program Advancing Youth Development Partnership
Contact Fran Miller 315-866-7920 or fjt2@cornell.edu
Discipline Professional Development for Youth Workers
Grade Levels Adults who work with youth
Websites Under construction; temporarily use: https://www.human.cornell.edu/outreach/upload/AYD.pdf
Program Animal Careers: Finding Your Path
Contact http://animalcareers.cornell.edu/contact_us.php
Discipline Animal Sciences
Grade Levels K-12, post-secondary
Websites http://animalcareers.cornell.edu/index.html
Program Naturalist Outreach Program
Contact Dr. Linda Rayor, Director, lsr1@cornell.edu 255-8406
Discipline Environmental Sciences, Ecology, Understanding Nature, Behavior
Grade Levels 2-9, Community Groups
Websites http://blogs.cornell.edu/naturalistoutreach/ A STEM ‘speakers Bureau’ that sends Cornell students to local classrooms and community groups to give hands-on presentations about ecology and understanding nature. Our goal is to help open the world of backyard biology to young people, enrich local 2nd – H.S. science instruction, and simultaneously train Cornell students to communicate effectively about science. NGSS curricular resources and videos associated with the presentations are on the website. www.youtube.com/naturalistoutreach
Program Science and Arts Gateway for Education (SAGE)
Contact red@cac.cornell.edu
Discipline Science, Mathematics, Arts
Grade Levels K-12
Websites http://www.cac.cornell.edu/education/SAGE.aspx Provides educators and students with links to lesson planning and learning resources in science, mathematics, and the arts.
Program Shoals Marine Lab: Public Education
Contact shoals.lab@unh.edu, 603-862-5346
Discipline Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, Ecology, Environmental Sciences
Grade Levels Families & Adults
Websites http://www.sml.cornell.edu/sml_publiced_adultandfamily.html
Program Agroforestry Resource Center
Contact 518-622-9820
Discipline Forest Ecology, Agroforestry, Environmental Sciences
Websites http://www.ccecolumbiagreene.org/natural-resources/agroforestry-resource-center.html
Program Cornell Science Inquiry Partnerships: Curriculum Resources for Inquiry-Based Learning (CSIP)
Contact  Nancy Trautmann, Director nmt2@cornell.edu, CSIP@cornell.edu 255-9257
Discipline Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Physics, Nature of Science, Social Science
Grade Levels 6-12
Websites http://csip.cornell.edu/Curriculum_Resources/default.html
Program Upward Bound
Contact  Jen Rudolph, Director, jlr343@cornell.edu, upwardbound@cornell.edu 255-5364
Discipline College Preparation
Grade Levels 9-12
Websites http://psc.cornell.edu/upward-bound Free college preparatory program for qualifying local high school students.
Program Environmental Inquiry: Authentic Scientific Research for High School Students
Contact envinquiry@cornell.edu
Discipline Environmental Sciences
Grade Levels 9-12 and teachers
Websites http://ei.cornell.edu/index.html A collection of ideas and resources to support student projects on a wide range of topics in the environmental sciences.
Program CATALYST Academy
Contact Cindy Mosqueda, Director, dpeng@cornell.edu 255-6403
Discipline Engineering, Science, Technology
Grade Levels 10-12
Websites http://cornellcatalyst.weebly.com/ A one-week summer residential academic program for high schoolers. CATALYST’s mission is to advance diversity in engineering and related disciplines. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.
Program CAU On-Campus Summer Youth Program
Contact cauinfo@cornell.edu, 255-9697
Discipline All
Grade Levels Pre-K – 12
Websites https://www.sce.cornell.edu/cau/on_campus/youth_program.php Residential and commuter summer camp activities.
Program Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility Outreach/Education
Contact Melanie-Claire Mallison, mallison@cnf.cornell.edu 254-4858
Discipline NanoScale Science & Technology
Grade Levels 2-12
Websites http://www.cnf.cornell.edu/cnf5_eduoutreach.html School group visits offer an introduction to nanotechnology and nanofabrication, age-appropriate brochures and newsletters (and pens!), and fun experimenting in a hands-on demonstration room.http://www.nanooze.org/ A place for elementary/middle school students to hear about the latest exciting stuff Nanotechnology, the science of really small things. Print issues of “Nanooze” are distributed free to classrooms on request.
Program Cornell Natural Resources Youth Program
Contact cce-nat-res@cornell.edu
Discipline Environmental Sciences, Natural Resources
Grade Levels 2-12
Websites http://www2.dnr.cornell.edu/ext/youth/index.htm
Program Insectapalooza!
Discipline Entomology
Grade Levels All
Websites http://entomology.cals.cornell.edu/news-events/insectapalooza Annual, one-day insect fair. Interactive, hands-on experience that features hundreds of live insects, spiders, and other fascinating arthropods.
Program Human Development Outreach and Extension
Contact Valerie Rayna, vr53@cornell.edu 255-6778Karene Booker, ktb1@cornell.edu 255-7735
Discipline Human Development
Websites http://www.human.cornell.edu/hd/outreach-extension/ Communicates the implications of faculty research to extension educators, students, community partners, volunteers, policymakers, and others in New York State and beyond.
Program Cornell Department of Linguistics Outreach Program
Contact LinguisticsOutreach@cornell.edu
Discipline Linguistics, Language Arts, Social Sciences
Grade Levels 6-12
Websites http://linguistics.cornell.edu/outreach/index.cfmhttp://nacloweb.org/
Program Garden Mosaics
Contact info@communitygarden.org
Discipline Gardening, Plant Biology, Environmental Sciences, Community Development, Ecology
Websites http://communitygardennews.org/gardenmosaics/index.htm
Program Cornell Waste Management Institute Resources
Contact cwmi@cornell.edu
Discipline Environmental Sciences
Websites http://cwmi.css.cornell.edu/resources.htm
Program Cornell Public Service Center PreK-12 Outreach Programs
Contact Austin Fay, Program Coordinator, cupsc@cornell.edu 255-0255
Discipline General Education
Grade Levels Pre-K -12
Websites http://www.psc.cornell.edu/students/student-programs/prek-12-outreach-programs Umbrella organization for outreach programs targeting students in Pre-K through 12th grade.
Program Cornell EYES: Encouraging Young Scientists and Engineers
Contact  Lily Mei, Site Coordinator, eyes@cornell.edu
Discipline Science, Engineering
Grade Levels K-12
Websites https://sites.google.com/site/cornelleyes/home
Program Summer College for High School Students
Contact summer_college@cornell.edu 255-6203
Discipline Architecture, Art, Design, Fashion; Business, Hotel Management, Leadership; College Success and ESL; Computer/Information Science and Engineering; Debate and Literature; Law and Government; Medicine, Psychology, Research, and Science; Social Change and Sustainability; Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science
Grade Levels 10-12
Websites https://www.sce.cornell.edu/sc/index.phpResearch Apprenticeship in Biological Sciences: https://www.sce.cornell.edu/sc/programs/index.php?v=170
Program Lost Ladybug Project
Contact ladybug@cornell.edu
Discipline Entomology, Ecology
Grade Levels K-12
Websites http://www.lostladybug.org/ Complete instructions on how to participate in our nationwide citizen science project. Form to upload your ladybug photos. Curriculum, Education, Identification materials. Searchable downloadable database of 33,000+ ladybug photos. Pie chart Graphing tool. Ladybug song, videos. Book list. News stories. Games. Poster, bookmark, comic book pdfs.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lost-Ladybug-Project/112795288751962?ref=hl Ask ladybug questions. Keep up with the latest ladybug finds and research. See what others are saying about ladybugs.
Program Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
Contact psc-AVID@cornell.edu
Discipline General Education
Grade Levels 9-12
Websites http://blogs.cornell.edu/pscprek12outreach/avid/
Program Big Red Buddies
Contact pscprek12@cornell.edu
Discipline Mentoring
Grade Levels K-12, post-secondary
Websites http://blogs.cornell.edu/pscprek12outreach/big-red-buddies/
Program Early College Awareness (ECA)
Contact pscprek12@cornell.edu
Discipline College Preparedness
Grade Levels 6-12
Websites http://blogs.cornell.edu/pscprek12outreach/eca/
Program Let’s Get Ready (LGR)
Contact Amy Kuo Somchanhmavong ayk3@cornell.edu 254-8072Molly Reardon mreardon@letsgetready.org
Discipline College Preparedness
Grade Levels 9-12
Websites http://blogs.cornell.edu/pscprek12outreach/lgr/http://www.letsgetready.org/index.asp?page=8&program=88
Program Learn to Be (LTB)
Contact pscprek12@cornell.edu
Discipline Math, Science, Language Arts
Grade Levels K-12
Websites http://blogs.cornell.edu/pscprek12outreach/learn-to-be/ Provides free, one-on-one, online tutoring to struggling K-12 students everywhere.
Program MacCormick Secure Center Program
Contact pscprek12@cornell.edu
Discipline College Preparedness, Science, Literacy
Websites http://blogs.cornell.edu/pscprek12outreach/maccormick-secure-center-program/ Offers enrichment programs to incarcerated youth at the MacCormick Center, with a focus on college discovery and engagement in science and literacy. Cornell student volunteers work with MacCormick students to develop weekly curriculum.
Program New York City Service Initiative (NYCSI)
Contact pscprek12@cornell.edu
Discipline College Preparedness, Mentoring
Grade Levels 9-12, post-secondary
Websites http://blogs.cornell.edu/pscprek12outreach/nycsi/ Provides service-minded Cornell undergraduates with the opportunity and training to provide academic and personal support to students at our partnering high schools in New York City.
Program Public Achievement Program
Contact CUpublicachievement@gmail.com
Discipline Mentoring
Grade Levels K-12, post-secondary
Websites http://blogs.cornell.edu/publicachievement/ Cornell students build equal relationships with youth and use these relationships to facilitate their growth as young citizens.
Program Raising Education Attainment Challenge (REACH)
Contact reach@cornell.edu
Discipline General Education
Grade Levels Pre-K – 12, post-secondary
Websites http://blogs.cornell.edu/pscprek12outreach/reach/ Supports community organizations and local schools to provide the necessary resources, peer support, and leadership to enhance the academic achievement of youth.
Program GRASSHOPR (Graduate Student School Outreach Program)
Contact grasshopr@cornell.edu, 255-9550
Discipline Any
Grade Levels K-12
Websites https://sites.google.com/site/grasshopratcornell/ Pairs Cornell graduate students with teachers in Tompkins, Tioga, and Seneca counties to teach 3-to 5-session mini-courses on topics related to the graduate student’s field or interests.
Program O.U.R.S. (Opportunity, Understanding, Respect, Success) and Y.O.U.R.S. (Youth Outreach Undergraduates Reshaping Success)
Contact oursandyours@gmail.com or yours@cornell.edu 255-9550
Discipline Mentoring
Grade Levels 1-12
Websites http://blogs.cornell.edu/pscprek12outreach/yours/ Provides opportunities for youth living in or near mobile home parks in Freeville or Dryden, NY to develop a positive self-image and future goals.http://ccetompkins.org/4-h-youth/rural-youth-services/rys-program-sites/dryden-o-u-r-s
Program Cornell Global Awareness Program (C-GAP)
Contact cornellglobalawareness@gmail.com
Discipline Global Citizenship
Grade Levels K-12
Websites http://www.cornellpscstudentprograms.com/#/cgap/4565790206
Program Cornell’s Learning Initiative in Medicine and Bioengineering (CLIMB)
Contact Nev Singhota, nks5@cornell.edu 255-1486
Discipline Biological Sciences, Medicine, Bioengineering
Grade Levels K-12
Websites http://climb.bme.cornell.edu/
Program Classe Institute for Physics Teachers (CIPT)
Contact Eva Luna, cipt_contact@cornell.edu 255-2319
Discipline Physics
Grade Levels High School Physics Teachers
Websites http://xraise.classe.cornell.edu/CIPT/
Program Cornell University Herpetological Society
Discipline Animal Science, Ecology, Biological Sciences
Grade Levels K-12
Websites https://orgsync.com/74437/chapterhttp://cuherps.blogspot.com/http://orgsync.rso.cornell.edu/show_profile/74437-herpetological-society-cornell
Program New York Agriculture in the Classroom
Contact Katie Bigness, Coordinator, kse45@cornell.edu, 518-480-1978
Discipline Agriculture Literacy
Grade Levels K-8
Websites http://www.agclassroom.org/ny/index.htm
Program Cornell Department of Food Science Extension Programs
Contact  Janette Robbins; Extension, Outreach and Student Engagement Coordinator; jmr65@cornell.edu 255-7637
Discipline Food Science
Websites https://foodscience.cals.cornell.edu/extension