Solar Farms on Rural Land in NYS Resources


a row of solar panelsResources for NYS Landowners on Solar Farms

Listed here are the recordings, website links, documentation and answers to questions generated during the live session on April 21.

The CAAHP team will keep this site updated with pertinent information as we learn it.   Feel free to come back and learn what has been updated.

April 21 Meeting Recordings

The following is the recording of the April 21 meeting.  It is broken down into five sections.  The first four sections is the presentation of each speaker in the order they presented.   The final section is the question and answer period that took place near the end of the meeting.

Websites of Interest

Here are a some websites that you may find of interest researching solar farms.

  • NY Sun Initiative – The NY State government initiative to generate more electricity by solar.
  • PV Trainers Network – The Network is composed of experts in the field that develop and deliver training at various locations across New York State. This access to experts can help jurisdictions to meet their community economic development, job creation, and sustainability goals.  The Network works directly with local officials, including: Administrators, Planners, Code Officials, Inspectors, First responders and Village engineers.
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory – Publication on “Overview of Opportunities for Co-Location of Solar Energy Technologies and Vegetation”
  • NYS Real Property Exemption for Solar 
  • Local municipality and school opt out –  Local municipalities and school districts may opt out of the solar real property exemption.  This website shares which municipalities and school districts have opted out.

Documents of Interest

Here are some documents that have been prepared or collected by CAAHP team members.



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