Backyard Poultry Basics – Upcoming Class

April 1st, 2017 from 10am-12pm            Free Event

Easton Public Library                              1074 NYS Route 40, Greenwich, NY

Are you interested in raising chickens for eggs or meat production? Join us to learn more about basic poultry information to help get you started.

Topics will include, breeds, animal handling, housing, feed requirements, and health management.

To register online:                              Or contact Tove Ford at 518-765-3518.

Registration is encouraged, walk-ins welcomed.             


Crop Record Keeping Spreadsheets

Software for crop records can be overwhelming for the novice computer person, and a bit expensive.  The spreadsheets I have developed will hopefully be your stepping stone to a better purchased program.

If you have some knowledge of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, these record keeping tools may be helpful.  If you live in the 6-county region of the Capital Area Agriculture and Horticulture Program, I can meet with you to teach you how to use them.

Two of the spreadsheets ask for machinery costs for field operations.  If you do not have your own costs figured out, you can get a “ballpark” idea by using the Pennsylvania Custom Machinery Rates at (cut & paste the link):

Crop Expense Calculator from Receipts – this spreadsheet and printable paper form, will help you calculate your crop costs using your receipts for expenses.  If you have decent yield information, you can also calculate profit.

CLICK HERE – Crop Expense Calc from Receipts-1sdznbr

Field Crop Record Management v2 – this spreadsheet helps you record field by field expenses.  Each time you perform a task or apply an input, you can record it.  At the end of the season, it tallies up your expenses, income (if you can provide yield information) and profit for each field and each crop.  This spreadsheet can fit on your smartphone screen, so you can enter data as you are working.  It also has  a crop rotation planner, and records for manure spreading and soil sampling.

CLICK HERE – Field Crop Record Management v2-t6i010

Allocations in Shared Crop Production is for farmers that cooperatively grow a crop.  The various tasks, expenses, and crop can be allocated to each of two farmers.  It may take a few minutes to “digest” this spreadsheet, so use the example sheet to understand how it works.  Feel free to give me a call (Aaron Gabriel, 518-380-1496)

CLICK HERE – Allocations in Shared Crop Production v1-vrgjkm

Dairy Forage & Crop Production Balance this spreadsheet can also be used for beef operations.  It helps you calculate how much forage your herd will eat, how much you grow on your land, and how much storage capacity you have for your crop.  If these three things are not in balance, you can have real difficulties managing your business.  Remember that forage quality affects how much forage livestock eat and how much you must grow.  This spreadsheet is a bit “busy”, but worth the effort to digest if you need help balancing these three aspects of your livestock business.

CLICK HERE – Dairy Forage & Crop Production Balance by %BW v1-180nws6

Strategizing the Future: The Future of Dairy Markets and Developing an Economic Plan

Presentations given at Cornell Cooperative Extension meeting in Ballston Spa, New York on January 12, 2017

PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Andrew Novakovic, Cornell University – Dairy Market Outlook, Trends and IssuesCLICK HERE – Dairy Market Outlook, Trends & Issues 2017-1jsgx2a

PowerPoint presentation by Jason Karzses, Cornell ProDairy Program – Business Planning with Increasing UncertaintyCLICK HERE – Business Planing Increasing Uncertainty 2017-2gzuwmx

YouTube link for presentation of Dr. Novakovic  CLICK HERE –

YouTube link for presentation of Jason Karzses –

Capital District Direct Marketing Conference

March 16, 2017 
Capital District Direct Marketing Conference
9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
The cost of the conference is $30 per person.  
For your convenience, you may register online  at 
Are you a beginning, experienced or seasoned farmer looking for fresh marketing tips to increase your customer sales?  This conference will feature presentations on Using Social Media to Promote Your Farm, Expanding Sales Beyond Farmers’ Markets.  In addition, a panel of farmers will discuss how they use the Internet and social media to market and sell their products. 
This is a great opportunity to network with other farmers, learn something new and get out of the house after a long cold winter.  

The Path to Your Farm Dream – Beginning Farmer Workshop

February 11, 2017 
The Path to Your Farm Dream 
Beginning Farmer
 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM 
The cost for attending this workshop is $40 for the first person or $60 for two.  
To register by phone, pay by credit card or more information, contact Tove Ford at 518-765-3518.


Are you thinking about or have a desire to grow and sell some agricultural products? Did you start growing and selling agricultural productsin 2016 and would like some more help?  This day long workshop will help you to better understand various aspects of starting a farm.  From attending the workshop, you will:
  • Gain ideas on where to get financing to start a farm
  • What to look for when looking for land, buildings, etc. to start a farm business
  • Gain ideas on how to market and sell the products I would like to grow
  • A better understanding of what regulations you need to be aware of

Farm Succession Retreats – in Albany and Ulster Counties

January 13 and February 17, 2017 – Albany County
Farm Succession Retreat
January 14 and February 18 – Ulster County
Farm Succession Retreat
For more information: Farm Succession Retreats
10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
The cost for these retreats is $20 per farm. Two people from the same farm may attend at this price.  
For more information contact Carrie at 845-340-3990 x311 or

Creating a transition plan to make sure a farm continues as a productive business can be challenging. This two-part workshop is being called a retreat in order to give you a chance to learn and start the process to a successful farm transition plan.   From participating in this retreat, you will:
  • Have a chance to start a retirement plan for yourself
  • Better understanding of your financial needs in retirement
  • Have a chance to develop a succession plan for the transfer of management
  • Gain ideas on how to have conversations about the continuance of the business