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Issue #44 (May 2020):

  • When can you Safely Mow in-grass Spring Bulbs Without Harming Future Flower Display?

Issue #43 (May 2019):

  • Ethylene sensitivity of tulip cultivars: Some are resistant to ethylene!

Issue #42 (February 2019):

  • Tulip Planting Depth in the Landscape…The Final Word

Issue #41 (June 2018):

  • Hydroponic Amaryllis: A New Way to Grow

Issue #39 (January 2018):

  • Calla performance under high greenhouse temperatures
  • Cornell in-grass bulb planter put through its paces

Issue #38 (September 2017):

  • Under-grass bulb planting to be an additional research focus at Cornell
  • Preparing for arrival of forcing and drysale bulbs
  • Symptoms of ethylene injury on tulips
  • Soil temperature: forcing and landscape
  • The importance of the right planting mix
  • Rooting room temperature effects on bulb rooting
  • Soil moisture level and tulip root growth
  • Treatment of bulbs and crates: sanitation and ozone
  • Reminder on Trichoderma

Issue #37 (June 2017):

  • How Deep Should You Plant Tulips? (Answer: not as deep as you think!)

Issue #36 (April 2017):

  • Dirty Bucket Water and Cut Lilies

Issue #35 (October 2016):

  • Controlling and Managing Tulip Root Growth in the Rooting Room
  • Soil temperature for planting tulip

Issue #34 (July 2015):

  • Bare Root Hostas Are The Way to Go!
  • Tantalizing New Height Control Possibility for Tulips
  • 50th Anniversary of the Flower Bulb Research Program

Issue #33 (October 2014):

  • Preparing for The 2015 Tulip Forcing Season

Issue #32 (May 2014):

  • Cut Lily Postharvest: Something Old, Something New

Issue #31 (January 2014):

  • Using Ethylene-Releasing PGRs for Hyacinth and Narcissus Height Control

Issue #30 (September 2013):

  • The Upcoming Tulip Forcing Season: It’s a Late One…
  • Potential for Gladiolus Growth Regulation in Containers
  • Update on Agapanthus Perennializing in Ithaca!
  • Is Eucomis (pineapple lily) winter hardy?

Issue #29 (June 2013):

  • Initial Summary of 2013 Research Season: Forcing, Drysales and Landscaping

Issue #28 (April 2012):

  • Ethylene Sensitivity of Tulip Cultivars

Issue #27 (August 2011):

  • Producing Potted Dahlias and Review of Cornell 2010 Dahlia Growth Regulator Trials

Issue #26 (July 2011):

  • Easy, Large Scale Tulip Planting No Digging!

Issue #25 (November 2010):

  • A Review of Procedures for Forcing High Quality Rooting Room Bulbs

Issue #24 (August 2010):

  • Hyacinth Height Control with Topflor (flurprimidol)

Issue #23 (May 2010):

  • Lily Perennializing in Ithaca, Louisiana and Holland

Issue #22 (March 2010):

  • Topflor has Potential for Crocosmia Height Control!

Issue #21 (January 2010):

  • Evaluations of paclobutrazol (Bonzi) and flurprimidol (Topflor) media drenches and tuber dips on Dutch grown calla lilies (Zantedeschia)

Issue #20 (May 2009):

  • A Bit of Reflection
  • Cornell’s NEW Bulb Labyrinth Makes Its Debut!
  • Mechanical Stress and Cold Water Reduce Growth in Lilies
  • Ethylene, Fusarium, and Tulip Color Sports

Issue #19 (March 2009):

  • Topflor and Bulb Crops

Issue #18 (December 2008):

  • Evaluations of planting mix, planting depth and growth regulators on forcing of Dutch grown calla lilies (Zantedeschia)

Issue #17 (August 2008):

  • Potential Technologies to Reduce Ethylene Injury in Tulips
  • The effects of short-term ethylene exposures on the forcing quality of tulip bulbs

Issue #16 (May 2008):

  • Postharvest Leaf Yellowing and It’s Control in Oriental Hybrid Lilies

Issue #15 (February 2008):

  • Boron Deficiency in Tulip
  • Update on 1-MCP (EthylBloc, SmartFresh, FreshStart, EB-01)
  • Topflor Dips for Hyacinth Height Control

Issue #14 (July 2007):

  • Causes and Control of Cold-Storage-Induced Bud Necrosis in ‘Mona Lisa’ Lilies

Issue #13 (May 2007):

  • Fusarium, Tulips and Ethylene: Not as Simple as You Thought

Issue #12 (February 2007):

  • Using Florel to Control Upper Leaf Necrosis and Reduce Height in Pot Oriental Hybrid Lilies

Issue #11 (August 2006):

  • Combining Flowerbulbs and Perennials: Increasing the Market for Both

Issue #10 (May 2006):

  • Many Cultivars of Cutflower Hybrid Lilies Make GREAT Garden Plants
  • Field-Grown Lilies for Late Season Cut Flowers: A Preliminary report
  • Exploiting New Gardening Trends and the “New Consumer”

Issue #9 (February 2006):

  • Using Alcohol to Reduce Growth of Paper- white Narcissus
  • TopFlor, a New Growth Regulator, Registered in the US
  • Hyacinth Height Control: Avoiding Floppy Stems
  • Saving energy and maintaining tulip bulb quality with a new ethylene sensor

Issue #8 (November 2005):

  • Producing and Using Bulbous Plants for Mixed Planters
  • Problem of black shoots in Oriental Lilies closer to a solution

Issue #7 (July 2005):

  • Past, Current, and Future Research Results of the Flowerbulb Research Program

Issue #6 (April 2005):

  • Controlling Upper Leaf Necrosis on ‘Star Gazer’ Lilies

Issue #5 (April 2005):

  • What Causes Upper Leaf Necrosis on Oriental Hybrid Lilies?

Issue #4 (October 2004):

  • Perennialization of Hyacinth Cultivars in Ithaca, Long Island, and Clemson, SC

Issue #3 (April 2004):

  • 4th Year Narcissus Ratings in Ithaca, Long Island, and Clemson

Issue #2 (November 2003):

  • Handling Bareroot Perennials

Issue #1 (July 2003):