Cornell under-grass bulb planter is put through its paces

January 2018 issue of the Cornell Flower Bulb Research Program Research Newsletter:

We have made a number of demonstration plantings with the new “in-grass” bulb planting machine and are very impressed with its performance. We hope these plantings will serve to increase the
awareness of this type of machine, and how easily large swaths and numbers of bulbs can be planted into “naturalistic” and more formal settings. In one instance, we used the planter to install a mix of alliums and Nectaroscordum to line a path through a wild meadow. The result should be an early summer color burst and excellent habitat for pollinators and other insects. Other mixtures of crocus, Muscari, Narcissus, Camassia and chionodoxa have been installed in semi-formal settings at the Cornell Botanic Garden and still other deer-resistant mixtures have been installed along major entrances to the University. View video Bulb Planting Made Easy.

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