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Hardy kiwifruit

Click on supplier link for contact information. No endorsement is intended for those nurseries included in this list, nor discrimination for those not listed. The buyer must evaluate nursery quality and reputation through independent means.

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Hardy Kiwifruit (Actinidia arguta):

Anna (Ananasnaya) (female) Agri-Starts, Burnt Ridge, Hartmann’s, Honeyberry USAIndiana Berry, One Green World, Raintree
Andrey (male) One Green World
Chang Bai (female) Agri-Starts, Burnt Ridge, Hartmann’s, One Green World, Raintree
Cordifolia (female) Burnt Ridge,  One Green World, Raintree
Dumbarton Oaks (female) One Green World, Raintree
Flowercloud (male) Burnt Ridge,  One Green World
Geneva (female) Burnt RidgeHartmann’s, One Green World,
Hardy Male (male) Agri-Starts, One Green World, Burnt Ridge
Hardy Red (female) One Green World
Issai (female) Agri-Starts, Burnt Ridge, Hartmann’s,  One Green World, Pense, Peaceful Heritage
Ken’s Red (female) Agri-Starts, Burnt Ridge,  One Green World, Raintree
Male arguta (male) Pense, Raintree
Meader (male) Hartmann’s, Honeyberry USA
Michigan State – MSU (Jumbo) (female) Hartmann’s, One Green World, Raintree
Natasha (female)
(Russian variety)
Burnt Ridge, Honeyberry USA, One Green World
Ogden Point (female) Agri-Starts
Rossana (female)
(Italian variety)
One Green World
Tatyana (female)
(Russian variety)
One Green World
74-46 (male) Burnt Ridge, Hartmann’s
74-49 (female) One Green World

Arctic Beauty Kiwifruit (Actinidia kolomikta):

Arctic Beauty
(male and female)
Honeyberry USA, Raintree
September Sun
(male and female)
One Green World, Raintree
(male and female)
One Green World, Raintree
Red Beauty Hartmann’s, Honeyberry USA
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