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The WildLIFE blog was founded by Cornell veterinary students Isabel Jimenez, Zachary Dvornicky-Raymond, and Sarah Balik (Class of 2019), as a student-focused resource to highlight the experiences and opportunities in wildlife medicine available at and through the College of Veterinary Medicine.  The blog seeks to provide prospective Cornell applicants with an overview of wildlife medicine in the curriculum at the College, and to emphasize to the wide array of extracurricular opportunities available to Cornell vet students – including the alumni-funded Expanding Horizons international program, Engaged Cornell, the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center, the Animal Health Diagnostic Center, and more.

Feel free to email questions, comments, and suggestions to us at wildlifecornell@gmail.com.

2018-2019 Editorial Board

Jonathan Gorman, Class of 2021 – Chief Coordinator

Jonathan received a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Cornell before returning to receive a veterinary education.  He brings to the table years of photography experience and an enthusiasm for preserving the earth’s biodiversity.  His interest as part of the WildLIFE blog team is to facilitate conversation about conservation and wildlife health.  Additionally, Jonathan has experience with wildlife and exotics, including animal care at the National Aquarium, naked mole rat behavior research, and shark genetics research.

Mary Nasr, Class of 2020 – Senior Editor

Mary Nasr is a second year vet student from Staten Island, NY. She received her Bachelor of Science from Rutgers University in 2016, with a major in Animal Science. She is passionate about zoo and wildlife medicine, conservation, and education, and aspires to build a career around zoo/wildlife surgery and anesthesia.

María Martes, Class of 2020 – Senior Editor

María Martes received her B.S degree in Cellular-Molecular Biology from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus in 2016. She did research with the chytrid fungus and an amphibian species affected by it, Eleutherodactylus coqui, and also with the proboscis bat. This research sparked her interest in a career in wildlife conservation and medicine, and in WildLIFE.

Loren Lassiter, Class of 2022 – Junior Editor

Loren graduated with a B.S. in Biology and minors in English and Ethics from Northeastern University.  She is interested in zoo, exotic, and wildlife medicine and hopes to one day contribute to the conservation of endangered species as a zoo veterinarian. Loren is working for WildLIFE to get involved and contribute to the Cornell community as well as to further her interest in wildlife and related areas.

Editors Emeriti:
Isabel Jimenez ’19
Zachary Dvornicky-Raymond ’19
Sarah Balik ’19


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