Graduation Ceremony Related Information – For J17, M17, A17 and J18 M.E.’s

If you intend to participate walking with the May 2017 class on Sunday, May 28:

  1. Consult the Cornell University website for the revised Severe Weather Plan:
  2. Consult the MAE Graduation Ceremony website for details including the MAE Severe Weather Plan:
  3. Three tickets will be distributed from May 8-12 to students walking on May 28.  See Emily in 106 Rhodes Hall.  These tickets are to be given to guests in advance of the MAE Graduation Ceremony. Tickets are not required for the University Ceremony.
  4. Make sure you tell Emily how you want your name pronounced at the MAE Graduation Ceremony.
  5. Consult the University Commencement website for additional information and schedule of events graduation weekend:
  6. A cap and gown is required for all students walking in May.  Consult the University Commencement site for details.

MechE New Affiliates and Seniors Invited to Breakfast in Upson Lounge on Thursday, Feb. 6 anytime from 8:00a.m. to 9:00am.

Attention MechE Seniors and New Affiliates:

If you’ve joined MechE in Fall 2013 or Spring 2014,  or if you are a MechE Senior,  you are invited to join Sibley faculty for  bagels/coffee/juice on Thursday, February 6, in Upson Lounge, anytime between 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.   Professors’ Mark Campbell, Director of the Sibley School and Wolfgang Sachse, Director of Undergraduate Studies, will be attending.  Several current MAE M.Eng. students will also be present.  Sponsored by the Cornell Chapter of the ASME.

For MechE Seniors – Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam Info

The registration for the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam is now open.  You may register for the exam on the NCEES website:

 The exam is now a computer based test and the nearest testing locations to Cornell are Endicott (Binghamton) or Syracuse.   Here are some details about the exam.

  1. The exam can be taken in any state if that is more convenient, and you might choose to take it over January break or Spring break at home. 
  2. The registration fee is $225. 
  3. The exam is offered:  January-February, April-May, July-August, October-November. 
  4. You must choose a module for the afternoon session.  In the past most students have chosen “other disciplines”.  Please see link for an overview of the topics in the different modules before deciding:  
  5. Students who have received or will receive their Bachelors from an accredited ABET program Do Not need to fill out NYS Form 1 or Form 2.

 Students who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from an educational institution outside of the US or from a non-ABET accredited program,  must first get approval from NYS before registering online for the exam. 

Note: The Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is an accredited program. 

If you have any questions, please contact Professor Michael Timmons , Professor Jery Stedinger, or Nadine Porter .

Senior Design Courses Spring 2014

If you will be a first semester or second semester senior in the Spring, you can sign-up for any one of the following courses which have been designated as senior design–please note regular courses will no longer require a 1-credit add-on component:       4 credits:      MAE 4231, Intermediate Fluids; MAE 4641, Orthopaedic Tissue Mechanics; MAE 4701, Finite Element Analysis; MAE 4861, Automotive Engineering

See Emily in 104 Upson Hall to enroll in senior design at the beginning of the Spring term:    3 or 4 credits: Independent Research with a senior design report due – MAE 4291 (no pre-enrollment)      or     3 or 4 credits: Project Team with a senior design report due – MAE 4291 (no pre-enrollment).

MechE Senior Group Photo September 30

For All Seniors in MechE:

This year’s group photo will be taken on Monday, September 30 at 12:45.  If you are in MAE 4300, you may leave the class at 12:40 and go to the west side of Duffield (facing Carpenter).  If it looks like rain (or snow!), we’ll change the date.  Dress attire:  business casual.  This photo will be posted on the website and you can order it through Cornell photography.  Independent Majors in MechE. are welcome to join in this photofest!




Mandatory Senior Graduation Preparatory Meeting Monday Sept 9, UP B17 4:30 Promptly!

For all students intending to graduate in January, May or August 2014.  Join Professors Mark Campbell, Director of the Sibley School,  and Wolfgang Sachse, Director of Undergraduate Studies, who will welcome you.   Time:  Monday Sept 9 4:30.  Topics covered: graduate school, presented by Professor Brian Kirby; preparing for the upcoming Career Fair, presented by Mark Savage, Director of Engineering Career Services; and Nanette will review what you need to know to prepare for graduation, including audits, required paperwork, and graduation requirements, including advisor approved electives.   We’ll show last May’s 2013 senior video.  Pizza will follow in Upson Lounge around 5:30.

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