We are looking for volunteers to take part in a study of knowledge discovery in complex engineering system design. 

This research studies how humans can extract useful knowledge while interacting with a software tool that is designed to help analyze large datasets in the context of engineering design. As a participant in this study, you will be asked to use our tool to analyze data, and then answer a series of questions about the data. To participate, you need to be a Cornell student (undergraduate or graduate).

Your participation requires at maximum 70 minutes.

In appreciation for your time, you will receive a $15 Amazon gift card.

(Note: If you participated in one of our previous studies, you cannot sign up for the current study)

To volunteer for this study, you can check the available time slots and make the appointment through https://engineeringdesignstudy.youcanbook.me/.

For more information about this study, please contact:

Harris Bang, SEAK (Systems Engineering Architecture and Knowledge) Lab, Sibly School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at hb398@cornell.edu

Drop Deadline and Pre-enrollment Reminders

THURS, 10/18/18, by 4:00 PM: LAST DAY to DROP a course without a “W” appearing on transcript and without a petition (57th day of term). ABSOLUTE last day to CHANGE GRADE OPTIONS (from S/U to LETTER, or from LETTER to S/U). Last day to ADD without a petition.

FRI, 10/19/18:  FIRST DAY a “W” will appear on transcripts for courses dropped by petition

WED, 10/24/18 through FRI, 11/09/18:  Pre-Enrollment for SPRING 2019 begins/ends for each class:
All periods begin at 7:00am and end at 4:30pm

Graduate/Professional Students 10/24/18 – 10/26/18
Senior Students (as of SP19) 10/29/18 – 10/31/18
Junior Students (as of SP19) 10/31/18 – 11/02/18
Sophomore Students (as of SP19) 11/05/18 – 11/07/18
Freshmen Students (as of SP19) 11/07/18 – 11/09/18

***Early admit MEng Students: you will not be able to pre-enroll for Spring 2019 classes. Plan to enroll during the regular add period. If you have trouble getting into a class that you need once the regular add period opens, please let Emily Ivory (125 Upson) know.

The Boeing Innovation Challenge Hackathon, Engineers Needed

The Boeing Corporation is sponsoring its first Innovation Challenge and has invited Cornell to participate.  The Challenge is a competition created by Boeing to inspire new ideas and advance the way we think about future air travel.   The competition is focused on three areas:  Disruptive Mobility, Passenger Experience, and Operational Efficiency. 

At Cornell, we will be holding pitch sessions to select and improve ideas to submit to Boeing.  Submitted ideas will be judged based on creativity, technical content, relevance, clarity/organization and potential for diversification. The top entrants will be offered the opportunity to participate in a Boeing-sponsored three-day ‘Hackathon’ event at Boeing Commercial Airplane’s development site in Mukilteo, WA. Students at this event will engage with winners from other participating universities to diversify and mature their prized ideas. The students’ experience will include a networking event to meet Boeing leaders and explore opportunities at Boeing, and culminate with teams making project presentations to senior Boeing leadership. Travel expenses for attendees will be paid by Boeing. 

Students from the Johnson School, Human Ecology, the Hotel School, MSE, Eng Management are participating.  We need more engineers.  We will be holding a pitch rules session on Monday October 22nd at 5:30 PM in 216 Upson Hall.  Please consider coming to learn more, form a team, or join a team. 

Eligibility: all Students participating as individuals or in teams, must meet the following requirements:
1) An active student at Cornell University, and
2) Be willing and able to travel to participate in a three-day follow-on phase* (or agree to release any intellectual property (IP) for usage in the next phase)
* Note: Boeing is precluded from hosting citizens of Cuba, Iran, North Korean, Sudan, and Syria
3) Willing and able to sign a student agreement to define IP ownership in a follow-on phase, and be listed as co-inventor on any Boeing disclosures 

The timing for the event is fast, submissions are due on Nov 21st.  Here is the schedule for Cornell submissions: 

Schedule: All Meetings at 5:30, Room 216 Upson 

Monday Oct 22                Pitch Rules
Monday Oct 29:               First Pitches and Round One Selection
                                                            May pitch alone or with partners, may do multiple pitches
                                                            Possible elimination of some ideas
                                                            Portal for Reviewing Pitches and joining teams
Thursday Nov 1                Second Pitches and Final Selection
                                                            Second round of refined pitches
                                                            Final Selections to move on to development
Thursday Nov 8                Presentations – First Draft Ready
Thursday Nov 15              Presentations – Second Draft Ready
Monday Nov 19                Final Drafts Ready For Review and Submission
~2nd week of January    Hackathon at BOEING 

For more information contact: Matt Ulinski, mu25@cornell.edu

CHEME 6672, Electric Power:  Economics, Operations and Sustainability-Possible time adjustment for students with conflict.

To all students who are interested in attending the Electric Power: Economics, Operations and Sustainability module (CHEME 6672)

Professors Anderson and Moore have become aware of a time conflict that is preventing some students from enrolling in ChemE 6672, which will have its first meeting at Snee 2154 this Wednesday at 1:25 to 2:40 pm.    We would like to invite interested students to attend this first class meeting where we will outline the course objectives and poll those interested to determine if a time adjustment will allow more students to enroll.  Please attend the first lecture or email us (Lindsay Anderson (cla28@cornell.edu) and Michal Moore (mcm337@cornell.edu) or so we can determine interest and make schedule adjustments as necessary.

The original description of the module is given below.  Please keep in mind that the class meeting times are likely to change.

CHEME 6672, Electric Power:  Economics, Operations and Sustainability
Classes held for 3 weeks from September 26 through October 18
WR 1:25-2:40 p.m. (Snee Hall 2154)
Lead instructors:  Lindsay Anderson (cla28@cornell.edu) and Michal Moore (mcm337@cornell.edu)

Energy in many forms is a key pillar of modern society.  The form most people recognize is electricity, the thread that ties economic activity, digital access and sustainable life styles together.  Without electricity, modern civilization would not be possible.  The operation, pricing and oversight of electricity systems, however, is not clearly understood by policy-makers, many academics and the public at large despite increasing public and regulatory interest in developing alternatives such as hydro, wind, geothermal, and solar.  The challenge of electricity systems is a characteristic of high capital intensity, rigorous and constant management demands and unique regulatory and environmental oversight.  We will address that challenge in this module by examining and reviewing the range of generation, transmission, and distribution characteristics that represent most electric systems.  We will discuss the differences between so-called fossil fuel generation and renewable power and use this knowledge to frame the trade-offs between demand for electricity and environmental quality.  We conclude by tying these to an overview of market structures, financing projects and regulatory requirements.  (1 credit)

Become LEED Accredited

LEED Green Associate (GA) Training
When: September 18th 2018 – 6:00PM to 10:00 PM
Where: Cornell – Hollister Hall – Room 206
Registration: https://leadinggreen.com/Cornell

If you are worried about your busy schedule, fear not, as the course is entirely recorded and you can watch the part that you cannot attend or take the whole course online.

This professional designation never expires and you will never have to retest if you pass now!

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is simply a sustainability scorecard for green buildings. Buildings can become LEED Certified as can people! The LEED Green Associate is the only professional designation to show employers and clients you have certified knowledge in the field.

To date, this course and its materials have proven to be instrumental in helping over 8000 students pass their respective exam at a 100% pass rate. This course is offered at a quarter of the price and time as the competition and is geared at allowing students to graduate with letters after their name!

This course meets the exam’s eligibility requirements and the USGBC charges a $100 (reduced for students) fee for the actual exam which can be taken at any time at your nearest Prometric center. Save money by reserving your spot today and make a positive difference in your career!

Early-Bird Cost: $300 ($200 for full time students)

To register for the class please visit: https://leadinggreen.com/Cornell

Please contact the instructor Lorne directly with any questions at info@leadinggreen.com

Conversation with M.E. Alum, Dr. Joanna Hinks, TODAY, 4:30 pm

We have the pleasure of announcing Dr. Joanna Hinks, who will be available to engineering students at all levels to discuss Air Force Research Lab opportunities at the Space Vehicles Directorate in Albuquerque, NM.  

Dr. Hinks will hold an open conversation session TODAY, Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 4:30 pm in 106 Upson Hall.  She will also discuss potential careers for Ph.D. and M.S. students, as well as internships for undergraduates. 

She is a graduate of MAE, having earned her Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering in 2012.  Dr. Hinks held a postdoctoral position at the University of Buffalo for three years before joining the Air Force Research Lab.  Please stop by to learn about careers in, among other things, GPS, signals, and payloads. 

Additional information about the Kirtland Air Force Base is available at, https://www.kirtland.af.mil/Units/AFRL-Space-Vehicles-Directorate/

ORIE Master of Engineering Information Session, Sept. 7

To all undergraduates in Engineering and other technical majors:
Thinking about life after graduation?  Consider leveraging those analytical skills and boosting your market value with a Master of Engineering in Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE MEng).

The ORIE MEng in Ithaca offers a variety of specializations that are highly sought after in today’s quant-savvy job market, including Applied Operations Research, Data Analytics, Financial Engineering, Information Technology, Strategic Operations, Systems Engineering, and Manufacturing.  Building upon a solid foundation of ORIE coursework and professional development, ORIE MEng students engage in client-sponsored project work with real data, deadlines, and deliverables to bring real value to companies.

Which option is right for you? Join us Friday, September 7th to find out more:
What:                   ORIE Master of Engineering Information Session
When:                  12:00 – 1:00 pm, Friday, September 7thPizza will be provided.
Where:                411 Rhodes Hall (4th Floor Lounge)
Who                   Anyone interested in learning more about the ORIE MEng in Ithaca

Can’t make it?  Stop by my office hours (2:00 – 3:30 pm TWR, 216 Rhodes) or send email to kec4@cornell.edu.
We look forward to seeing you at noon next Friday!

— Kathryn Caggiano

Truman Scholarship Info. Session, Sept. 12-up to $30,000 for Graduate School

Truman Scholarship Info Session

(Both programs take place in 103 Barnes Hall.)

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 12:00 pm (Pre-registration required at BTF1@cornell.edu)

To be repeated on:

Tuesday, September 18, 4:35 pm

Provides up to $30,000 for graduate school.  For juniors committed to a career related to social justice issues, planning to work in government or the non-profit sector, with a solid record of leadership and public/community service.  U.S. citizenship required.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities with New Faculty Member, Prof. Tian.

ZT Group has undergraduate research positions available for Fall 2018-Spring 2019.

You will have the exciting opportunity to conduct cutting-edge research across the boundary of thermal science, nanoengineering, advanced/novel materials, renewable energy, condensed matter physics, and electronic engineering. Research areas include (but not limited to): nanoscale energy transport, solar/thermal energy conversion and storage, thermal management of micro/nanoelectronics, thermal insulation, and thermal phenomena for biomedical applications.  ZT group conducts both simulations (ab initio and classical calculations) and experiments (ultrafast laser-based techniques and inelastic x-ray scattering) on nanostructured materials.  For more details about ZT group, please visit https://ztgroup.org/

Prior experience in the related areas is not a must. Juniors and seniors are preferred. Strong computer programming skills are a plus. If interested, please send your CV and transcript to Prof. Zhiting Tian at zhiting@cornell.edu.

P.S. Prof. Tian is a new faculty member in MAE. She was the recipient of College of Engineering Undergraduate Research Advisor Award at Virginia Tech. She enjoys very much working with undergraduate students.

Job Opportunity at Spect

Cornell alum-founded company, Spect, is offering a mechanical engineering position for current Cornell students in Fall 2018.

You will be working in a cross-functional team with students from Cornell and other universities to build a virtual reality mindfulness meditation platform for K12 education. The VR headset incorporates biosensors for various software applications including biofeedback visualization in the virtual environment and adapting the guiding mindfulness lesson audio in real-time based on user’s emotional responses. Our team went through the Rev Hardware Accelerator in Summer 2018 and finished the initial prototype. We will be doing user testing in local schools in Fall 2018 while working to improve the platform for a district pilot in Spring 2019.
Your responsibilities will encompass improving the mechanical design of the VR headset.

Preferred Qualifications

• Lead Mechanical Engineering activities in cross-functional team environment.
• Model, build, test, and refine prototypes (rapid prototyping)
• Take prototypes to increasing levels of fidelity, and work with the product focused engineers to translate early prototypes into potential product directions
• Prior experience designing in CAD / Fusion 360
• Experience in various manufacturing techniques (Machining, 3D printing, injection molding, etc.).
• Experience designing mechanical constraints of PCBs

Interested students should send their resume to Deanna at ddeyhim@spectlearning.com

Enrolling in Independent Research

To enroll in independent research (MAE 4900), you must complete a project approval form. This form requires a signature from the faculty member with whom you are working and must be submitted to Kae-Lynn in 125 Upson Hall. Kae-Lynn will then provide you with a permission number to add the course on Student Center. Independent research courses are variable credit, so be sure to enroll for the correct number of credits when you add your course.

A list of current research projects can be found here.