Job & Internship Opportunities with MITRE Corporation

Cornell Engineers,

My name is Alex Cerruti and I am a group leader for a positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) group in the signal processing department at The MITRE Corporation in Bedford, MA.  Our department focuses on applying signal processing to three technology areas: PNT, wireless communications, and sensors.  We are actively seeking qualified and ambitious candidates for full time positions.  We are seeking qualified undergraduate, graduate, and interns for our work efforts.

More information on our corporation and mission can be found at  Attached is a high level description of the technical focus areas within our division (PNT is found on page 6).  A “virtual tour” of the MITRE Bedford campus, including the main laboratory building, can be found at

Our employment opportunities require ability to obtain a United States Security Clearance.

Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in considering job opportunities with MITRE.

Thank you for your consideration,


Alex Cerruti

Satellite Navigation Group Leader

The MITRE Corporation

781-271-5847 (office)

781-460-7125 (cell)

Attn: Juniors committed to a career related to social justice–Scholarship Opportunity

Truman Scholarship Session

Tuesday, September 19, 4:35 pm, 103 Barnes Hall

Provides up to $30,000 for graduate school.  For juniors committed to a career related to social justice issues, planning to work in government or the non-profit sector,

with a solid record of leadership and public/community service.  U.S. citizenship required.

After the reviewing the eligibility criteria, if interested but can’t attend the program, contact

Paid Positions Available with the MAE Instructional Labs

The MAE Instructional Labs are looking for help in the following areas.  All positions are paid. 

The jobs are generally 5 to 10 hours a week.  Pay is dependent on skills and year in school – $9 to $12/hour.  In addition to specific duties below all workers may be called on to do additional tasks as needed by the instructional staff, etc. 

All interested students contact (by email):  Matt Ulinski, Hansen Director of Instructional Labs at

Graphics and Website Work:
Need someone to develop a desktop image for the MAE Instructional Lab computers, update and refresh the Emerson and RPL Lab posters, display panel and website, and create lab sign/stickers for the windows in new MAE Instructional Lab space.  

Work on 3280 labs:
The MAE solids curriculum is undergoing change.  The labs for the courses are being revamped to meet the new changes.  One or two people are needed to help work on this.  You will be responsible for working with a MAE faculty member to design, build and test experiments.  Completion of Engrd 2020, MAE 2120 and 3272 helpful.

Work on 1170 labs:
We are developing new labs for MAE 1170.  Help us design, build and test them.

Machinist/designer needed:
Work is needed to create parts for the MAE Instructional labs.  

M.Eng. Info. Session this Wednesday, 8/30.

Are you interested in applying for a Masters of Engineering degree?

Come to the M.Eng. Information Session this Wednesday, August 30th, at 4:30 pm in 205 Thurston Hall (moved from 203 Thurston).

Learn about the requirements for admission (including, early admit), the advantages of the M.Eng. degree, and how to tailor your experience.

This is a great opportunity to explore the M.Eng. program and to ask questions.

New Course in CEE, Fall 2017

Instructor: Mircea Grigoriu,

– Why probabilistic models for natural hazards:
– Wind speeds, seismic ground accelerations, tsunami waves, and other natural
hazards exhibit significant variability.
– Available records are insufficient to estimate long-term system performance, e.g.,
wind speeds likely to be exceeded in 500 years.
– Steps of analysis:
Records =) Probabilistic models =) System response =) Performance metrics
– Performance metrics for reliability and insurance.
Primer of probability/statistics:
– Probability space: Framework for constructing probabilistic models of natural hazards
and estimating system performance under natural hazards.
– Random variables/functions as models of natural hazards. Moments, correlations,
distributions, and other properties of random elements are defined, illustrated by numerous
examples, and estimated from records of natural hazards.
– Monte Carlo simulation for Gaussian and non-Gaussian random variables, vectors, and
functions of time and/or space with applications to natural hazards.
Probabilistic models for natural hazards:
– Model constraints: Computational, i.e., models must be sufficiently simple for calibration/
analysis, and physical, i.e., models must be consistent with physics.
– Model selection and calibration: Examples include models for seismic ground acceleration,
wind pressure field, hurricanes, floods, and other natural hazards.
Performance metrics for reliability and insurance:
– Similarities: Probabilistic models of natural hazards are inputs to both reliability and
insurance metrics.
– Differences: Reliability focuses on safety of individual structures and insurance concerns
with repair costs for large portfolios of structures.
– Methods for estimating reliability/insurance metrics: Monte Carlo simulation and approximate
methods for estimating properties of quantities of interest.

Grades: Individual and group assignments, a midterm, and a final project will be used to
assess performance. The final projects for CEE 6770 will be more demanding than those for
CEE 4770.

Application for MAE 4340/4341/5340: Innovative Product Design is Open

Good Afternoon!

The instructors for MAE 4340/4341/5340: Innovative Product Design, are accepting applications for course enrollment from now until noon on August 18th. Enrollment decisions will be made and communicated to applicants in time for them to enroll during the add period.

Here is the link to the application form.

Please contact Emily Ivory ( with questions.

Application for Innovative Product Design Course Opens this Friday, 8/4.

Good Afternoon!

The instructors for MAE 4340/4341/5340: Innovative Product Design, will begin accepting applications for enrollment at noon on Friday, August 4th. The application will remain open until noon on Friday, August 18th, after which enrollment decisions will be made and communicated to applicants.

The application form is not currently open but can be found here after noon on August 4th.

Please contact Emily Ivory ( with questions.


Tickets for MAE Graduation Friday, 5/19 – Final Request for Pick-up

If you are walking with the Class of 2017 and attending the MAE Graduation Ceremony on Sunday, May 28, and have not yet retrieved your  tickets for the MAE Graduation Tent on the Engineering Quad, please go to 106A Rhodes Hall between 10:00am 3:00pm on Friday, May 19.  If you do not pick up tickets or make arrangements with Emily your guests will be directed to the non-ticket holder’s line without a guarantee of a seat.

Graduation Tickets – If You Don’t Pick Them Up This Week…

Your guests will not be able to get the tickets for the 2017 MAE Graduation Ceremony unless you pick them up this week or arrange to get them mailed.  Tickets will not be available on May 28, Commencement Day.  Please go to 106A Rhodes Hall this week.  If you are away from Campus until Graduation Weekend, please ask Emily to mail the tickets to you or your guests,  The tickets must be given to your guests in advance.

Professor Savransky New Advisor

Professor Dmitry Savaransky will be serving as next year’s AIAA Cornell Chapter Faculty Advisor.  If you would like to become a member and/or apply for an E-Board position:

This Chapter recently created a new initiative, hosting the “Distinguished Speaker Series” and plans to increase the number of aviation experts’ presentations to Cornell.  They also hold Professor Pizza Lunches.