Research Opportunity with Professor Louge for UG’s and M.Eng.’s

Prof. Louge is seeking undergraduate or MEng students to design and run an experiment on a microgravity airplane flying parabolic trajectories.

The experiment brings a spherical drop of water to touch a porous medium, thus simulating the absorption of dew on desert sand surfaces.

See previous involvement of Cornell students on the NASA airplane at

The experiment will be prototyped in the Upson droptower of Prof. Avedisian.

Contact Professor Louge at for details

New Faculty Member, Professor Daniel Selva, New Research Opportunities for UG’s and M.Eng.

Professor Daniel Selva’s research interests lie at the intersection of space systems and systems engineering, with emphasis in global optimization and data mining. In particular, Prof. Selva’s research group is developing an architecture development facility to support the high-level design of constellations of Earth observation and communication satellites. If interested, contact Professor Selva at

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