Announcements – Early M.Eng. Pre-Enrollment Policy, Research and Technical Electives

Academic Calendar:

If you are graduating in May with a B.S. degree and participating in the Early M.Eng. Program (concurrently completing your B.S. degree and completing the first semester of your M.Eng.) you will NOT be able to pre-enroll for Fall 2014 M.Eng. classes.  You will be able to electronically enroll in August.

The Annual Project Team Information Fair will be held on the 2nd day of classes in the Fall.   Teams will be recruiting!

There are no forms required for a technical elective.

For descriptions of all electives:

MAE 4900 (independent research or project team) may fulfill the technical elective, or with your advisor’s approval, one or both advisor approved electives.


MAE M.Eng. Information

Students interested in pursuing a Master of Engineering degree in Aerospace, Mechanical or Engineering Mechanics have the option of pursuing a minor in the following areas:

Bioengineering Minor – designed for students who want to become conversant with the concepts of bioengineering while building on the strength of a traditional engineering discipline. The program encompasses biomedical bioprocess, bioenvironmental, and biological engineering, as well as biotechnology. More information can be found at

Engineering Management Minor – Primarily associated with the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering, coursework in Engineering Management Methods and Project Management are required in conjunction with a disciplinary specialization and a functional specialization. More information may be found at

Manufacturing Minor – created to meet the growing demand for engineers in the area of integrated design and manufacturing. Courses included in this option are concerned with manufacturing processes, business, and human resources

Systems Engineering Minor – designed to address industry’s increasing need for engineers who not only have expertise in a particular engineering discipline, but who also possess diverse interdisciplinary skills, can integrate system components, can ensure total system operability, and can understand the various economic forces in the marketplace.

Intend to Graduate After Fall 2014 and Early Admit in Mech or Aero in Fall 2014?

If you are graduating after completing the Fall 2014 semester and want to apply to be a MEng Early Admit in Mechanical or Aerospace in the Fall, the application deadline is February 1st, 2014.   You will need to submit an online application to the graduate school for Spring 2015 and a paper application for details please refer to:

What is Early Admit? This is when you are concurrently completing ug degree and beginning program in one semester. You are still considered an undergraduate in this first semester of Early M.Eng.



  Come to a special MechE Information Session for MechE Affiliated and Wannabe’s:

Monday, October 28, from 4:30-5:30pm in Phillips 101   

This Info Session will focus on how to design your curriculum.  The following faculty and staff will be presenting: 

  • Professor Wolfgang Sachse:  Opening Remarks
  • Professor Hod Lipson will talk about the value of research and how to prepare for graduate school.  He will be teaching MAE 2250 in the Spring.
  • Matt Ulinski, Director of MAE M.Eng., and Judy Thoroughman, administrator of the M.Eng. program, will provide information on MAE Early M.Eng. and M.Eng.    
  • Mark Savage, Director of Engineering Career Services, will talk about Co-op, resumes, Career Fair, and internships.
  • Nanette Peterson, MechE Undergraduate Coordinator, will show students various flow charts illustrating different paths to graduation, including Cornell Abroad, Co-op, Early M.Eng. etc.    

Early M.Eng. Application for Deadline Approaching – October 15

Reminder:  Students applying for MEng early admission for Spring for Aerospace or Mechanical the deadline to submit your application is October 15, both the paper application and online application are due and you must submit both. Also when you apply online you are applying for Fall 2014 admission (the semester your will be enrolled in the graduate school).

Any questions contact: Judy Thoroughman (

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