Enrollment Information Fall 2015

Here is your enrollment date link and deadlines for the Fall.

FALL 15 Dates and deadlines

For those registering for MAE project teams and/or  independent research, including senior design research,  you will need to complete paperwork and a  pin number to electronically enroll.  Emily will be posting instructions on this blog soon and will include instructions for those students registering for Innovative Product Design, MAE 4340/4341.

Deadline Approaching for MAE 4340 /4341 Innovative Product Design via Digital Manufacturing

Deadline:  July 7  Application Details MAE-4340-4341-Application-for-Fall-2015-12w6s9a

MAE 4340 may be used to fulfill the M.E. Major Approved Elective requirement


MAE 4341 may be used to fulfill the M.E. Senior Design Requirement

MechE’s may not use one course to satisfy two requirements/electives in the MechE program.



Students Attending May 24 Graduation Ceremony in Bailey Hall

If you are attending the MAE Graduation Ceremony, http://www.mae.cornell.edu/academics/graduation.cfm as a B.S. degree recipient or early walking candidate, please make sure you retrieve your tickets from Emily in 104 Upson today.  If you have not yet  made arrangements with Emily for the tickets to be mailed, or you are temporarily away from Campus, please e-mail Emily at eft24@cornell.edu

All guests who arrive at Bailey Hall who do not have tickets, may either join those in the non-ticket holders’ line for possible access to seats not already filled by ticket holders, or guests may go directly to 122 Rockefeller Hall to view the live-streaming video.


Senior Design Reports Due by May 14th- FAQ’s by Emily

If you are enrolled in a senior design whether independent research (MAE 4291), project team (MAE 4291), or a course (MAE 4xx1) this semester:

Many of you are will be or are currently working on your senior design reports and may have questions about the report and the submission process. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions I receive about senior design:

Q1: When is my senior design report due?

A: As a guideline, you’ve been given a due date of May 14th.   This allows time for your instructor to read and grade your report before the grading deadline. If you and your instructor have decided on an alternate due date, that’s fine. The report should be submitted to your instructor and they will keep it in their records. Please talk with your instructor and let me know if you have questions or concerns about report submission.

Q2: Are there any guidelines for report content?

A: Overall, your design project and report have to be focused on design. Your senior design instructor can answer specific questions about report content but as a loose guideline, you should be able to pull all of the answers for the 9 questions on the Content Summary Form    Senior Design Report Content Summary Form  directly from your report

Q3: Do I need to complete a content summary form?

A: YES. Every MechE student taking senior design, must submit a signed content summary form, whether taking senior design as a course, independent research, or with a project team.

Q4: When is the content summary form due?

A: The content summary form is required for your graduation and is due by May 22nd.

Q5: How long do my answers to the 9 questions have to be?

A: Your answers should be brief, 1 to 3 sentences, and should be pulled directly from the content of your report.

Q6: To whom do I submit the content summary form?

A: The content summary form must be signed by your instructor and submitted to me in 108 Upson, with your answers to the 9 questions Senior Design Report Content Summary (stapled). We will keep this form for our records. In some cases, the instructor prefers to collect these forms, sign them all at once and then bring them to my office. Please don’t assume that your instructor will bring your form to me if you haven’t already discussed and agreed upon this course of action with them.

Q7: If I worked on my report as part of a group, does each group member need to submit a signed content summary form?

A: Yes. We need to have a signed content summary form on file for each student.

Content summary forms are available in 108 Upson or can be printed from this message or the MechE website: http://www.mae.cornell.edu/academics/undergrad/memajor/designrequirements.cfm

Please don’t hesitate to contact Emily (eft24@cornell.edu) or stop by if you have any other questions or concerns about senior design.


MAE 4340/4341 Innovative Product Design Enrollment Information for Fall 2015

Students interested in enrolling in MAE 4340 and the senior design version, MAE 4341 will be able to enroll when add/drop resumes in August.  There is an application process which will be announced by the end of April–the deadline for submitting your application will be mid-July.  Enrollment is limited–have a back-up plan.

New Senior Design Course MAE 4351 Spring 2015

This course, co-meeting with MSE 4071 and ChemE 5730, will fulfill the M.E. Senior Design Requirement.  Limited to M.E. Seniors.  C0-taught by Callister, Feitelberg, and Murtagh.  Meets MW 7:30-8:45pm

M.E. students may not count both MAE 4351 and MAE 4340/MAE 4341, Innovative Product Design via Digital Mfg towards fulfilling B.S. graduation requirements in Mechanical Engineering.

This course emphasizes entrepreneurial driven technology designs (forward engineering) by integrating mechanical, chemical, and materials engineering through the understanding of early stage product development complexities. These complexities include staging invention and innovation via the critical selection of materials, assessing product mechanics and processes for final product function, performance, reliability, cost and technical marketability.

Students will attend lectures, participate in establishing a Tech Startup integrated into the Johnson School MBA mentoring program, attend startup design reviews, give a series of individual/group presentations, and write a startup issue paper.